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well as the title states i,m searching for other people that wish to go off grid and would be happy to live and co-purchase some land in portugal …..

i have many reasons for choosing portugal but a couple were: the price of land is far cheaper than the uk , and the better and warmer weather is good for growing food and also the warmth and sun makes me really happy ……i,m open to all people all i ask is that you are in a position to do this and also are willing as i have found a lot of people think its a great idea however are,not willing to follow it through …..

i have seen land for 4500 euro,s an acre and i,m planning on getting a few possibly 2 or 3 hectares 1 hectare is around 2.46 acres ideally water on it either a well or stream /river …i have lots of ideas but this is strictly off grid self sufficiency and not a monetary investment

its a lifechoice ….if this interests you get in touch …Nik[landbuddy_listing id=480 youtube=null]

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  1. kelandu

    i was looking into this a short while ago. It looked too good to be true. Then I met someone who has a yacht on the Algarrve. He said its not as simple as you think. for a start you need to get permission from the matradee ( spelling) that is the local mayor, they decide the rules of that area. Now it is similar to the Uk , in that most of the land requires planning permission, and most of this is refused. however, you can find that mobile homes and anything that does not need a concrete base to sit on can be used.( in other words, mobile ) Again, it depends on the local mayor. most of the land does not even state whether you can live there or not. Also, i was told that you can be given permission for certain things, then in the future they can change their minds or even start charging extortionate rates and taxes. I gave up trying, because there were too many negatives. I know my friend lives there for a few months of the year but he is not self sufficient, and that is what i wanted.

  2. Jay

    The Monchique Mountains, in the north-western Algarve, southern Portugal, is an ideal area for this. I have a friend (off-grid = no Internet at her house) seeking help with cultivating the land & communal crop-growing. Would be a chance to try before you buy into the lifestyle & area.

  3. Sylvia

    I’m interested too, what age group are you guys ?

  4. Pete

    I would be interested in this as a possibility….if you d like to e-mail me with more details.

    Have been considering something like this and would be churlish of me not to show an interest!


  5. Chris


    I have seen some land in Spain as well, 3 hectares for 5.000 euro; am interested in joining a group of like-minded individuals to start an eco village; grow our own food and build houses of natural materials; look forward to hearing from you, my email address is chris AT synergythreesixty.org replace the threesixty with 360 :)