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[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am a woodworker although i do also work with metals . not being rich I need to find somewhere from which I can eke out a living making furniture and household items for sale but also to provide a small space to grow my own vegetables. I much prefer to make what i need than purchase it and also use my skills and knowledge to assist others. I am a single guy in my early 50’s [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “seeking off grid living and working space”

  1. David

    Hi Anna. Good to hear from you I. am in north Fla but I have found land 5 to 10 acrs in arkansas and in missiouri some with creeks or near water and close enought but not in a town I have been gearing up. for awhile now and its time to make the move.I am a jack of trades and want to build a cabin and make a homestead off grid I am very interested in solar and wind energy and I enjoy helping others and do all I can to step lightly on our planet I am a GOD loving and fearing man I am mid 50. Looking for some one with same interests to share all with. Anna email me if you are intetested hope to hear from you take care David email

  2. anna

    Hi David …WonderFUL! …would love to chat. Are u in the USA?

  3. trapper

    Hi David Its good to hear from you so where are you from I’m in South wales and west of england area Anna is in New York….. feel free to email me at or my skype is stephen.david.french

  4. David

    Hi Trapper and Anna I am on the same track with you people I an a mechianic by trade but I can do most anything.I bought and remodeled homes for many years and built and added on also I am in my mid 50s looking to work and make a better living if you are interested in someone to join you. Please let me know thanks Dave.

  5. trapper

    Hi Anna I’m on skype stephen.david.french we can chat there or mobile 07704094303

  6. trapper

    Hi Anna,
    I’d agree with you in all you say email me with your contact details. My skype if you have it is stephen.david.french.
    I am a leader of a small housing co-operative intent on making live work spaces…… although not an offgrid concept it is sponsored by a housing association, but seems bogged down in regulatory and political issues with local authorities. This is a seperate endeavour from that. It would be great if we could collaborate on a true off grid attempt

  7. anna

    hi Trapper, i saw your post and i’m interested in the same going off grid. i have interest in learning to make furniture. Im pretty handy and a hands on type… love to cook. Im looking for some land and open to other options. Learning community is important and thought we could help each other ? Not sure how… maybe we could chat.