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I’m a 40 year old female and I’m greatly considering to live off grid preferably around Asheville area for I find it beautiful and I’m part Cherokee, but I am open to other areas. I’m seeking either a community to join with or to neighbor by with like minded people. I’d like to own my own land to build and live on. I want a wooded area with hills or mountains and a patch of sun to grow an organic garden and land without building restrictions… at least free to build a cabin or straw house etc.
I am seeking to do this rather immediately or during spring time.
I’m looking for people who are free spirits, no drama makers, peaceful happy people, and preferably in the healing field ( like reiki etc) for I am. And gay friendly people. And I will make it note worthy that I am absolutely intolerable to men and women invading my space. ” NO means NO”. And I prefer people who are not hunters.
So if anyone is interested or knows of an ideal area to give me leads on please contact me and lets discuss! Also if anyone can lead me to a website with cheap land in the area. thanks! sprite333@live.com[landbuddy_listing id=321 youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “Seeking North Carolina”

  1. Samuel

    I know that you are not interested in hunters, but to live off the land with a garden alone is hard and most likely you will run out of food before the year is over. I am not a big hunter but I do know how to live the old style off the land because my people where mountain people. We had a big garden never used store bought junk to feed the garden only leaves and table scraps where put back in the garden. We did trap for wild game. My grandfather was Cherokee and showed me how to trap for rabbits and other small games. My grandmother was a white mountain woman and know a lot about mountain medicine. I wish I would have learnt all that she knew.

    I am also a builder by trade, electrical, welder, and I know a lot about fixing machines. I am always coming up with ideas and creating my own tools, We always made our tools because in the old days there was not any store to run out to and buy tools so you had to make what you needed.You need to have this kind of mind set if you want to make it off grid. Everyone in the community using the mind and coming up with great ideas always working together for the greater best interest of the community to thrive.
    Good luck

  2. Dovely

    Wondering if you found a place to land? I’m in the Greensboro area. I am looking to network with others in NC.

  3. shadow

    hi 27 hunter/woodsmen/ builder in charlotte,interested in same deal .. any luck?

  4. Flame

    Well I would join you…but I’m a very avid hunter.