Hello my name is Kenton, my wife and I are 30 years old. We have an infant son and 3 cats, we are hoping to get a dog. We are moving onto our property in mid June. The property is 160 acres of forest located in Central Ontario, Canada. The west part of the property is about a half mile from the Frederick House River. It is about a 30min drive to Iroquois Falls and 45mins to Timmins. The property is surrounded by Crown land. We are looking for positive, family and pet friendly, nature loving, self sufficient, peaceful people. Please e-mail me with interest and/or questions. Thank you.

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  1. Jordan

    My name is jordan i love being in nature i have building skills and alot more would like to speak to you guys im 28 strong man 6 foot 8 and wont to live off the land i lost my kids so its just me now and want a new start away from the messed up worl and tech is to much so please message me bacj thank u


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