[before_listing id=389 images= youtube=null] I’m a professional, self-employed software coder / startup guy who is making plans to get some land and go off the grid as much as possible. Just looking to meet and talk with others in the area working towards the same thing. [landbuddy_listing id=389 youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Seeking Likeminded”

  1. Martha

    I am near Toronto, and researching heavily about moving off grid. Would prefer a group effort! Are there people still interested these days? Meet and greet?

    • nickla

      Hi Martha, I am near Toronto and looking to moving off grid. I have done a lot of research too. just look for the a group. txt me if you got this message. just want to see if we are aligned, maybe we can slowly grow the group. 416.473.3446

  2. C

    I’m interested in forming this group as soon as possible. I’d like to start living OTG this summer. I’m 36 years old, female, from Toronto. I don’t have very much experience, but I was going to buy the land near Ompah, Ontario. I would like to find someone to build the home and start creating a small group of survivalists together. Has a group been formed yet? Does anyone have land or shelter yet?

    We can organize through Skype or through email. I love nature and I really want to live in in a small group of people surrounded by nature, animals and a garden! I would also love a horse. I’m interested in living in a higher elevation above sea level, Northern Ontario, but not too far north, in case the Oceans flood the lands. I’m also interested in relocating to Alberta near the mountains. Does anyone have a vehicle or land and what do we need to do to get started?

    I’m really committed to a survivalist team of people, who are concerned about the end of days for 2012.
    thanks! Looking forward to meeting good like-minded people!

  3. GPetrut

    My friend bought a large farm, I am helping him start it up, unfortunately the zoning prevents him to divide the land. I want to get my own property, 3-5 acres with some forest with a creek if possible, but I also want to be close to like minded people. So I think that a group of us might purchase a bigger land for less money per acre, divide it as needed, and create a small self sustaining community. I have a lot of construction experience, I am a beekeeper and a robot builder. Let’s meet and talk guys!

  4. Dmitri


    My wife and I live in Toronto, but are planing to co-create or join a sustainable community. The last thing we want to do is to move away for civilization, however, we do want to be far from big cities and nuclear plants. The solution is to bring civilization with us to the rural area and so we’re looking to connect with others of similar vision.

  5. joice

    Seeking like minded off grid experienced individual for help in accomplishing my goals for future living. Appreciate response and any help you can provide. Thanks!

  6. WildernessReturn Ontario

    Also looking for someone in the Ontario/Durham Region, I have a location that I have just started helping out on, need another.
    Lets chat

  7. jeffreydavidmorris

    I’m homeless but don’t ever look it, please? You can find me anywhere on the web/internet by searching: jeffreydavidmorris. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and vast etc elsewhere on web/internet; even a small little ad in “Easy Reader” newspaper (if not shown when viewed, perhaps it will be soon as I may have missed the printing deadline), search in (Home Services, jeffreydavidmorris@yahoo.com.

    Meantime, feel free to visit me on my website: http://www.jeffreydavidmorris.com

    I can’t know what other people may be going through amidst ‘these’ times’, but my heart and prayer’s go out unto humanity as a whole; peace and blessings unto all. I pray I can ‘have another’s back’, helping them – freeing them up to do other thing’s they may want to do, be it, be with friend’s, family, at the beach, misc. I am multi – vocationally talented and can do much to earn my stay, if one is willing to kindly grant me a chance and opportunity.

    Would you like someone to maintain your property, home, apt, misc (residentially) – in impeccable, misc condition? Run errands (got class C driver’s license), perform odd jobs, take on those daily scheduled housekeeping, etc, inside/outside chore’s, task’s and duties you just don’t have time to get to?

    Maybe you have daily or otherwise busy schedule and would like to come home to clean home, maybe even inside/outside chore’s, task’s and duties you been meaning to get around to, but had to put them on a ‘To – Do’ list and do whenever you could in your free time.

    Maybe perhaps (we) can work out a mutually beneficial win-win arrangement = $300 CASH, that’s extra, free and clear in your pocket, in EXCHANGE for, a room AND plus, I do housecleaning, dishes, outside whatever work, I can organize, thus, freeing you up to do thing’s you want to do (ie: family, friend’s, beach, leisure time, misc) = win-win.

    I love my work, whatever I do and enjoy ‘having other’s back’. I know the real estate market – for alot of people, has been hurting for a long time, but hopefully I tend to be optimistic that I can play a small part in someone’s life.

    Aside from my (2) minimal itemized, neatly packed back pack and shoulder strap saddle bag, majority of my belonging’s and minim home office, misc are safely secured in my (9’ x 5’) Hermosa Beach self storage unit (single guy, low maintenance, easy going). And as I, (re: my stuff in storage) – I’m not moving/pulling my stuff out of South Bay, regardless of a) how that may sound, misc and b) I have my reason’s – for wanting South Bay (ie: geographically/residentially, if even just a rental room), hence, unto/amidst (1) of South Bay select (below) cities. Sigh . . .

    I have a (6 1/2) year business: sole proprietorship, (May 2005 – current/present) – “Freelance Casual and General Labor odd job Services” business. $15,000/profit per my documented ‘Financials’ and semi-business plan, but it’s been hard. Though I’m homeless (due to past slumlord ruin, misc), I have ‘still’ been moving forward in positive hope, confidence and self – determination to (ie: a hand up, not a hand out) get back on my feet, housing – wise, and essentially heal and recover amidst running my business, ‘having others’ back positively and learn to live again, so to speak. I may have been/are down but not out; hence, you, etc/misc can’t keep a (live, breathing) good man down.

    I do have odd job work character reference’s. and would prefer to exchange work, as I am seeking residential housing or rental room in exchange for $300/mo cash, that’s extra, free and clear in your pocket, in exchange for performing household and outside duties and task’s. I am willing to share kitchen and bathroom (and I will keep clean and respectful).

    I do have 2004 – current/present rental info I can also email and share for your review. I have looked over and reviewed the South Bay area demographic’s – El Segundo: (16,217), Manhattan Beach: (36,605), Hermosa Beach: (19,350), Redondo Beach: (66,882), Hollywood Riviera Village: (3,805), Palos Verdes Estates: (13,585), Rolling Hills Estates: (7,860), Rolling Hills: (1,908), Rancho Palos Verdes: (41,106). And I just need 1 out and amidst of (207,318)/South Bay (above) cities.

    I am a hard worker, responsible, trustworthy, orderly, and take pride in my work. I don’t wish though to disturb anyone’s normal home routine, misc. Just help in exhibiting being an asset with removing stress or misc or one having to keep up thing’s, get around to thing’s maybe that have been put off, thus, giving (one) more time to do what (THEY) want to do. That make any sense and/or sound good to you? Hope (we) can discuss something please? Or maybe you know someone else perhaps?

    Client work reference of mine: Suzy Brown, B.A./M.F.A. (Artist/Writer/Painter/Producer/Researcher/Translator/Publisher/Hotel Partner-Owner) – http://www.suzybrown.com, http://www.villadecary.com, http://www.omnicosm.com. Donna Marie Tracy, M.A./B.A. (Photographer / Painter / Sculptor / Producer/Designer, Director/Compositor / FX / Animator / Multimedia / Film Production / Illustrator / Lecturer / Teacher), Echo Park, 90039. If you know of anyone who is willing to consider offering him a live/work situation, they may contact me for any further details, and for referrals from others for whom Jeff has worked. I (suzy) and Donna have been allowing Jeff to crash in a back downstairs art studio while he seeks housing, and continued odd job work, but he, not deserving to be on the streets = (homeless status), fears he may be, if he can’t a) work with one’s Free Will – choice and gain (positively and honestly) another’s trust, confidence, misc

  8. cdn bear

    Let’s chat brutha. Been thinking of this for many years and it seems most still want to be connected to society to a degree.

  9. screenbugs

    where do you plan to go off grid-im thinking about alaska.

  10. Anna

    Hi, I am also looking into this. Let’s talk and share ideas.