[before_listing images= youtube=null] New to site. Empty nesters with 7.5 acre undeveloped homestead Bartow/Gordon counties seeking others to share info, resources, work, etc. We have equipment and the capacity to move it and use it. Strong Christian values and strong belief in service. Not interested in “commune” living but may be interested in equitable share for partner/partners. Sick of major corporations, scared to death of where our government spending is heading, scared to go to the grocery store not sure what I am eating any more! I am a strong believer in that the Bible says the end times are going to be rough, only those of us who are prepared to feed, house, clothe, etc. ourselves will be stable enough to survive any catastrophe, whether man made or not. Especially interested in hydro power and converting that to electricity. We want completely off the grid and have an almost blank canvas to start with and time to bide until the Lord comes back to watch it grow. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “Seeking Like Minded”

  1. Jd

    Hi we are very interested we are believers as well Please send us more info.
    We are looking to lease property to place a cabin wall tent to live in we are a quiet couple in our late 40s.
    Thank you

  2. Cody

    From Cobb County, also looking for ways to go off grid. Already working towards prepping just have limited funds, always happy to work to finish the goal. Always looking to learn from and share what I know.

  3. clayton0621

    this is my email I forgot to post to my post, so I posted it. Sorry for the post hole.

  4. clayton

    hi everyone, im selling out, buying land in Florida, and going off grid with a small farm. I am a disabled vet but can still work on things. Im looking for like minded people who would love to join me. I don’t need your money but I could use a helping hand with the bigger chores, cattle,animals, construction etc. As I see it you will need a trailer [small] and your own personal items. That’s about it. The project is in the planning stage and would love to meet some people and plan it out together. I’m finishing my house for sale in New Athens, Ohio and then moving to Dixie county in florida. Great growing zone. I will have a breeding pair of miniature cattle, chickens, pigs etc. Lets talk! clayton

  5. sirrena

    Hello and greetings,

    I have heard from several people that bartow county is not really kind to african americans. Is that true? I am looking to go off grid myself in about as short as 50 to 60 days. Selling my house which i thought my family would come and stay with me but they do not see what is coming. There is a lot of people that would like to join you on your land and i do not think it will be enough for me but if you know of anyone else that has land can you please let me know i can be reached at jelaniasim at yahoo dot com for now. thanks so much.

  6. Gingerdidi

    Glad to meet you Eric! I am the “Granny” of two beautiful boys! 8 and 3 yrs. We always have room for more children! Our “baby” is 28, she is the Mother of the 2 boys. Would be interested in talking more, email if you are!

  7. ERIC

    Im a single dad with three teenage boys who love the out doors . I share your ideas on big brother and see where its headed.. Its not good.I’ve been prepping for some time mow an have lot’s of skills. If your looking for someone who is true at heart about this please respond..

  8. Ben

    I’m interested in this, if you could email me that would be great! Benarnett@yahoo.com

  9. Gingerdidi

    Please email me at Gingerdidi at aol dot com.

  10. Naturefamily

    We would love to talk with you about working with you on this project. Please email me back and let me know when we can talk. We are a family that believes the same. Looking for a place to work together with someone off the grid. Thanks Ang