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Easier to manage than 5 acres
I have been writing about it, and now I want to do it.

As I traveled the US writing my recent book OFF THE GRID, I was also looking for an off-grid place of my own – at first in Northern California or North Carolina, or Kentucky, but latterly I have homed in on West Virginia as a place to suit my needs.

I want somewhere that I can use to get away from the relentless 24/7 media cycle, ads, facebook, twitter feeds, traffic, fast food and slow food – the grinding pace of modern life.

I couldn’t find the right place at the right price. Then the economic woes hit me just as hard as everyone else so I put my plans on hold for a while. Now I want to get on the case again, so I am offering my most prized possession in return for the perfect piece of land – an authentic first edition of WALDEN by Thoreau – one of only two thousand printed – a true slice of Americana. I bought it at auction several years ago, and it comes with a full, money-back guarantee of authenticity. It is in fine condition.

I am looking for a south-facing, gently sloping, wooded five acres, with a creek, a couple hours from a big airport, and with nice neighbors. West Virginia is my favored area. But any suggestions carefully considered.

If anyone can help , please feel free to get in touch.

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