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I’m a young woman in her early-twenties looking to live off the grid! Right now, I’m not in the position financially to purchase a piece of land, so I am looking for individuals who are already successfully living off the grid for guidance. Ideally, it’d be wonderful to exchange volunteer work for a little bit of wisdom and know-how. Also, I would love to meet others who are not living off the grid yet, but are interested in doing it!

A little about my background – I’m currently a college student & I work full-time in a corporate office. I know this is not the life for me. I have no desire for material items, status, or wealth. Living with nature is most important to me. Since my youth I have been interested in living naturally. It is important to me to leave as little a footprint as possible and I know that living off the grid is my calling. My friends think I’m crazy when I tell them that my dream in life is to have a farm!

Peace & love – J :)[landbuddy_listing id=0 images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/dfd3b459071ebe78513f87e6ed674b71.jpg youtube=null]

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