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I’m a young woman in her early-twenties looking to live off the grid! Right now, I’m not in the position financially to purchase a piece of land, so I am looking for individuals who are already successfully living off the grid for guidance. Ideally, it’d be wonderful to exchange volunteer work for a little bit of wisdom and know-how. Also, I would love to meet others who are not living off the grid yet, but are interested in doing it!

A little about my background – I’m currently a college student & I work full-time in a corporate office. I know this is not the life for me. I have no desire for material items, status, or wealth. Living with nature is most important to me. Since my youth I have been interested in living naturally. It is important to me to leave as little a footprint as possible and I know that living off the grid is my calling. My friends think I’m crazy when I tell them that my dream in life is to have a farm!

Peace & love – J :)[landbuddy_listing id=0 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/dfd3b459071ebe78513f87e6ed674b71.jpg youtube=null]

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21 Responses to “Seeking Guidance & Like-Minded Individuals!”

  1. loosiddreamer

    Hello! I’m also in my early twenties and have recently come to the realization that I no longer desire to live the way that most people in society do. I believe there is a better way for the planet and for us humans to coexist without destroying everything we touch. If you’re interested in discussing further ideas or just for some conversation, shoot me an email! Thanks! Have a great day. :)

  2. Morgynn

    I am living not too far from you in Bay City, MI and I am in a very similar situation. Please contact me to discuss any ideas. My own desire is to get off this hamster wheel and start living life.

  3. sauna cabins

    Everyone loves it whenever people get together and share views.

    Great blog, stick with it!

  4. Gigglingypsy

    I am building an off the Grid Community (small) in Western New York…..I have 22 acs. of beautiful land with a huge Creek…..It is in Amish country…….Am looking for other individuals looking to live off the grid….Have many tiny houses set up…..Small fruit tree orchard…..4 acres of Ramps…..Will be putting in a couple outhouses….and outside showers soon……Been putting this project together for nearly 5 years now…..Looking for like minds…..Peace.

  5. Dan

    I was in a similar situation as you a few years ago, luckily I moved up the corporate ladder and now have the income to start looking for land and starting to move forward to living off the grid. I currently like in Metro Detroit and have been looking at land in northern michigan.

  6. jessie

    hey I am interested in the same. 24 native to Michigan. I have been camping and fishing from a very young age. I have always had a draw to nature. I am sick of having to work a 9 to 5 job. When I’d rather work cutting wood and gathering food. I have basic farming, construction knowledge. I would really be interested in a community. I want to see if this is possible because with modern society makes it seem impossible. Anyways email me Jessie.bogart @ yahoo dot com

  7. dthree87

    Sounds like I’m in a similar position, JElizabeth. 26 years-old living in Michigan, looking to go off-grid. The material lifestyle is something I’ve had enough of. Right now I am working on getting a piece of land and looking for like-minded individuals who want to live off-grid. dthree87 at yahoo dot com

  8. Kevin

    we are one in the same haha. i have never looked this up, but have always wanted to live off the land since i was younger. its good to see other people understand as most my friends could never understand. its just like the movie the beach. i want to find a place like that and just live

  9. teddeygarvey

    Have you had any luck? I am in similar situation, being a student and working. No way to buy land but would really like to do exactly what you have stated. Anyone with prevalent, helpful information, please pass it along to me at ted2712@fastmail.fm, It would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Human Michael

    Hey everyone! I am 26 and in the same boat when I was 22. Life just CRUISES by when you live by societys guidelines. Anyways I am from Chicago and planning a trip to vegas to san diego to portland to alaska! Anyone have any advice on travelling? IE: By car, which I have, by train? Also I am trying to rough it a bit. Anyone know of any places to stop to make some income on my way? I love to work hard and i am a righteous person. Thanks for any advice.

  11. David Brainerd

    Hi, Jelizabeth.
    The values you have expressed appear to be the same as my own. I’ve never understood why making money & heaping up piles of consumer goods is so many people’s goal. I do have certain materialistic aspirations, but I have accomplished them: I own the land I live on & I am free of debt. Have you read Walden by H. D. Thoreau?
    Since 2002, I have lived by myself, off the grid, here in north-central Maine. My entire life, I’ve lived in rural parts of New England, with the exception of a few years living in Bangor, ME (pop. about 33,000). When I was your age, my wife (now ex) & kids (now adults) & I were kind of back-to-the-land hippies. I’m 59 now. I own a little over 3 acres, still mostly wooded, but I’ve been clearing steadily since I got here. I have a 2-room cabin, an outhouse, icehouse, outdoor shower, & afew other sheds. I produce a substantial portion of my own food, growing vegetables & some herbs & fruits, & doing a little foraging & subsistence hunting. My only electrical power is from a 12V battery charged by solar panelsm but I was recently given some used 12V batteries, & I intend to set up a more substantial PV system. I cut all my own firewood here. I have a woodstove & a heater & cookstove that run on propane. Also, various kerosene lamps & candles. I’ve been getting pretty adept at producing rough lumber from trees on my land, using a chainsaw, & at carpentry without power tools. Still don’t have any livestock (except a cat!), but, after the PV project, I hope to set up a place for chickens.
    It would certainly be good to have another person’s assistance, from time to time, as a lot of this lifestyle is rather labor-intensive. Accomodations here are pretty sparse, but please consider making a visit. If some longer-term co-operative arrangement appears to make sense, well, maybe it would be time for another building project. I know a few other like-minded people in the area, & we’d all welcome
    others of like mind to the area. There is also cheap land to be found around here, if you know what you’re doing.
    If this sounds worth exploring to you -or if you would just like to correspond with someone whose been doing this stuff for a while- send me an email. I will follow the practice I’ve seen other people use on this site, & type my email address in a way that shouldn’t look like an email address: dwbrainerd at yahoo com. Sorry I can’t send pictures of the place, since I have no camera. I can only use the computer for short amounts of time, too, due to the limited supply of electrical power, but I check my email from time to time. I am on facebook also, & I think my kids may have posted some pictures of my place on there. I look forward to hearing from you.
    I was interested to see that you closed your message the same way that I frequently close out letters & emails, myself, so I will follow suit:
    Peace & Love -David

  12. canuck111

    Hi Jeliz. I am adding members to my community. I am in northern ontario and welcome all races,citizenships, religions,etc. Still have room and can build when I run out of room. Only 3 small families so far but will continue to grow. I live in the city right now but I can’t wait to be free of it. I am on the map as canuck111

  13. L.L Brunk

    You’re not alone… My wife and I are through with the lies of the material world as well. I am a writer and will soon retire from the military. My wife and our little girl will be going off the grid as soon as possible… I want to provide for my family as a free man, not as a slave. I want to build a house with my bare hands, and with no electricity or plumbing. We plan on buying a piece of land with a fresh water source, and I will do physical labor where ever need be. The rate race is a sham, and a waste of ones life. Congratulations to you for recognizing this at such a young age.

  14. jamie

    i’ve been living alone in the bush for years just before snow came i injured my knee i was luky to get out and heal up this may i’m going back if you are serious maybe plan a trip and see what it’s like for a summer i have told people to find me and visit to see if the life style is for them i’m on facebook jamie howes untill may then i’m back in the mountains if you want get in touch with me and we’ll go from there i have lived on the coast and in the mountains of the land for 15 years now i’m 35 and loved every year love to here from you take care

  15. mark

    hey i am 21 today and in a similar position to wanting to move off the grid! i am in a full time job and using this to save for an off-the-grid move! i would like to stay quite local to where i live now as i have other commitments however a quiet place in a beautiful bit of scenery also sounds epic! the only problem being a bit lonely so an off-the-grid community sounds good! if you could email you findings this would be much appreciated thanks mark =]

  16. Isaac

    Hi JElizabeth,

    I’m in the same boat as you in some ways – 24 years old, just out of college two years ago and possibly going back next year, and also looking towards a long-term goal of living off the grid, developing a like-minded self-sufficient community, etc. I interned at a local organic farm for about 6 months last year and really enjoyed it, plus I bet the experience will come in very handy in the future.

    The reason I am interested in off-grid is probably different than most: I believe in and follow the teachings of a spiritual teacher named Maitreya whom I believe to be a Prophet of God. His basic teaching is that all the religions of the world are from the same, One God, each sent to bring a specific part of the whole truth – thus the religions of the world are complementary and in fact One, and thus humanity can stop fighting and be unified. Maitreya is encouraging everyone to break free of dependence on the large, greedy companies and utilities, and the unnatural and fragile system they have created, and go towards creating self-sufficient but interconnected communities. Another one of his teachings is eating FOLKS, meaning Fresh, Organic, Local, Kosher, Seasonal :). For more information, check out our website http://www.maitreya.org

    If you have any interest in such a teaching, or just as young people with similar goals, I’d be interested to talk more with you – maybe we could help each other out, share ideas, etc. Shoot me an email: noor at maitreya.org . Thanks, and best of luck to you!

  17. Cabinman

    Here is an eco village that you might find interesting. https://www.earthaven.org/ There are others out there too. I’m not into the community thing, but there are some upsides for sure.

  18. George

    I almost forgot. This guy should be a wealth of information for you. https://laptopandarifle.wordpress.com/

    Good luck in following your dream, :)

  19. George

    Hi, I know some folks that are living your dream. Check these out:


  20. henry

    would you ever consider living in alabama?

  21. SonOfSam

    a farm is REAL. Being able to grow your own food is REAL. Knowing how get clean water, how to cook, how to sew, how to fix a computer or a lawn mower: that’s REAL. How to speak your mind, know your convictions, feel the GOD that loves you: thats REAL. How to protect yourself with a firearm, instead of having the police arrive on the scene to find you beaten and bloodied: thats REAL

    “Friends” who cant be nice enough to respect YOUR dreams and aspirations: how “real” is that?

    I wish you well. I too am moving further and further off the grid… it will take time in my case as I’m in 40s and only now starting to wake the hell up :-)

    email me anytime