There’s a little island at the North end of Georgia Strait, not far from Campbell River. Here there is a fellow that seeks to have people be able to own their land at a low cost. He has land he is willing to lease to create a small off the grid grassroots community. The land is raw and would take lots of work to build on it. But aside from your personal lot there is a larger community lot for use. 

The island has a doctor on it and a few stores. There are about 500 people living there year around. There is a ferry daily and many marinas for boats.

The climate is warm in the summer and wet in the winter. Temperatures between -10c & +30c. There is not a lot of work on island but if you have a skill or trade that you can use on the island that would help others, this would be great. I can send some pictures of the land if you are interested. 

The owner would have to approve you for a lease.  And he has a No Drug policy. Hard grassroots homesteading people only.

Just leave your details on the comments below

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5 Responses to “Seeking grassroots homesteading people”

  1. CountryFam488893

    Group of three (family) with tons of skill set extremely interested. Hope your still looking. Hope to hear from you soon. What prices and more information

  2. ratnomore

    Did any one ever respond back? I’m wondering if they even get notified when they get a response.

  3. Paula

    Please tell us more. We are interested.

  4. Paula

    We live close to Campbell River in an RV and are interested in living off grid. Please tell us more

  5. Sarah Branyan

    I’m interested. Please send more information.