Hi, I live in Ireland and am intending to move offgrid in the future , based on permaculture and holistic ecology ideas.  At the moment I Do not have any friends interested in a downsized & offgrid life. I  am single, 47,  no kids, an artist& work in a library. Exchanging ideas and hopefully building connections with others would be great and ideally moving acquire land for intentional community living would be  fantastic.  I would prefer Ireland as a location.  I am  tired of the mortgage and our corporate state.  Perhaps you know the feeling :) thanks for reading.

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6 Responses to “Seeking Gay friendly offgrid contacts”

  1. kilnageer


    I just found this site. How’s your search coming along?

    Kind Regards,


  2. SonnyJohnMiranda

    Hi, we are a gay couple looking to move to Ireland. Would like to live off grid, we are tired of mortgages too. Your ideas fit our own as well. Would like too discus it further. Email us at jssm6566@yahoo.com

  3. LetsGoOffGrid

    Hi Ourtopia,
    We are a gay couple that are planing to go off-grid in the near future also. It would be nice to share ideas and who knows what we come up with at the end. This is and email we can contact through gabichonnel1234@gmail.com

  4. BobbyKorona

    Hello to all and Ourtopia..
    ….From North East Florida , have my off grid farm with , pond raised fish and organic garden …have a lot of projects , solar anything , vertical and horizontal wind systems , pallet houses , solar stills for gray water recovery , agritourism , forestbathing , crystal healing , tree houses , shepherds wagons , tiny house “mine is 88sq ft” , rain water harvesting , geothermal heating and cooling .

    Just looked at some u-tube wood fired gas recovery for generators . My 10 acres is surrounded by 1,300 acres vacant timber land …..a life time supply of free fuel. If approved in 2015 for Homestead tax exemption , ZERO Property tax , ZERO Gas bills , ZERO Power bills , ZERO Water bills , Home grown food , Home raised fish , will get some chickens…will be in the position to tell the man where to go …all ready set with my Green Belt Classification , Zero building permits needed , Zero zoning requirements . Responded to this post …very GAY friendly…need any information just ask…..if within 60miles of Bunnell Florida and have 5 or more people will set up a weekend work shop….. stay warm …. Bob… :) ….. 32175w@gmail.com …..

  5. ourtopia

    Thanks , I looked them up. Will check out some of their ideas and see if I fit on some level.

  6. cw

    I think you’ll find fellow travelers among the radical faeries. Look them up–there are some in Europe and the UK–or send me an email.