[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am an easygoing 40yo single gay man who currently lives in Visalia, CA. I currently work and attend college. I am a down to earth, friendly guy that lives a simple life and enjoys privacy, peace, and nature. My goal is to live in the country to further simplify my life and live sustainably. I enjoy self-sustainable living such as growing my own food, harvesting rain water, and raising farm animals.
Last year I made an investment by purchasing 6 acres of land in TN. and am currently saving money in order to build a self sustainable home on my property. My hope is to someday be part of a small community of like minded individuals so that we can all partake in this amazing experience. I understand that this will not be an easy task on my own. This is why I would like to meet people who are open minded about race, gender, sexual orientation, religion (or lack of) to explore and exchange ideas about off-grid living.
If you are easygoing, respectful of others, and have interest in exploring this lifestyle, please email me at chepper@outlook.com
Take care!
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15 Responses to “Seeking Gay Friendly Off Gridders”

  1. Terry

    Hello I am a single 48 y/o gay man. I am trying to look into large groups or communities that live of grid or at least minimaly. I’m looking to be able to come into a place where I can build, bring or purchase a tiny home and come part of or join the community. I would ike to stay in Texas if at all possable. Please of anyone has any information it would be great to get it. Thank you for any information I may get.

  2. Avery James

    As a gay man in his fifties, I have been considering going off the grid for some time now. At first, it was just an idea and a thought, but the more that I think about it the more I would like to make it a reality and I was just wondering if there were any other gay men out there who have considered living off the grid or are currently living off the grid. I would like to learn more about their experiences.

  3. North

    Hi, I am not necessary looking for a gay community. Just some place where I can get land and build a Permaculture food forest off grid. I want to be able to openly show my affection for both sexes. I am looking into AZ, Utah, Montana and Southwest Texas right now. Dose anyone else have any suggestions???

  4. North

    I’m moving off grid this year (2019). I have been planning this for over two years. I am almost ready however….I am looking for some land where I can be happy with being me and able to show it openly with both sexes. I’m not necessary looking for a gay community. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m looking into AZ, Southwest Texas, Utah, Montana.

  5. Kevin

    Hey, I am a gay male, age 37. I am very interested in living off grid and being self sustainable . I am also interested in cob house building. I grew up on a farm and have an attachment to that sort of life. Email me: leroykeith4 @gmail.com

  6. Joseph

    Hi, I’ve been looking to become part of something just like this. I need a lifestyle change & am serious about pursuing something like this. Feel free to contact me with any updates & info.

  7. kurt

    I have emailed you so you have my information. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  8. yellav

    Im about to buy a house in saint louis it might be a bad decision considering ordinances and loiters now

  9. stephanie mattison

    Hi JL, Iam new to this group and iam wanting to live around other people whom live off grid and have some of my views on life,you sound like a great person. Like a little village of off grid Cool people..
    Thanks Steph

  10. JL.

    This is James (JL) to get in contact with me please email me at chepper@outlook.com
    I am having some trouble communicating with some of you (email delivery failures)
    Take care.

  11. Leo

    See if you like it…

  12. Glenn McGahee

    BTW, you’ll find plenty of like-minded people. We may not publicize our existence, we don’t have to. There were never any issues. We were welcomed and blended in. The good people of Tennessee will surprise you

  13. Glenn McGahee

    JL, I’m from Tennessee and recently lived almost as close to your ideal as I possibly could. Due to health concerns of my recently deceased partner we were forced to relocate. I still look back and dream of the lifestyle and the rewards we received from living so close to nature. We were laughed at and some were shocked but they sure did love to visit us. I will return soon from this horribly, inconsiderate metropolitan existence I have now. I hope to be in touch with you to give you a good idea of what to expect. YOU can do it.

    • Robert Geusic

      I am a 58 year old GWM professional. I lost my life partner of 26 yrs 10 yrs ago. I have a home that no longer fit my life. Possession i have discovered possess people. I am not looking to go off the grid in a manner that is totally cutting myself off from the world my idea which I have given a lot of thought to is to purchase a New Well built but no out ragious SUV and then purchase a small Towable Airstream Basecamp. I am not looking to be grubby or gross ..
      I want to buy what I need and travel as north america with a like minded man. I am not bad looking but I am not some super model ,,, looking for someone who might be stable and like minded and secure. Life should be about experiences, living healthy meeting new people not about the material garbage the world want us to believe we need to be happy. Large homes property and competing is not winning,

      What I want is to take the next 5 months tune up my health. pair my life down and get to the point where life is simple…

      Any one who might be smart a bit ocd like having one really nice dog and a partner to love and see North America.
      is the person I am seeking. I am not broke nor am i so wealthy i can throw all caution to the wind but I have had a great 58 yrs.. in the complicated world. I want to see our country maybe our continents.

      Any interested guy on a committed 5 yrs plan to give up on the rat race and find happiness just living would be a welcome addition to my world. No fetishes, no stereotypes no need to prove one is better than another just two stable men who could be companions on a journey of simplisty and maybe write and blog and talk about our experience to help suppliment the costs.


  14. RobNC

    Sounds very much like what I’m looking for.