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I’ve just turned 30, worked all my life for the system and was one of the unfortunate ones to not get ahead or in a mass of debt for a home.

I’m seeking a land owner anywhere in the Rep. Of Ireland, preferably towards the South / South East for best growing conditions. If anyone is interested in meeting a like minded human being, looking to make a break for freedom and buy some land please get in contact ( dunphy.td@gmail.com )

Land is currently at 4-8000 Eur an acre, depending on location. Permaculture, horticulture, hard work and freedom.. Politics and Religion I respect but I don’t really have much time for them.. Although there is nothing wrong with healthy debate, as long as war doesn’t break out!

Ireland is a beautiful country, mystic and rich in everything one would need to survive. I would be very interested in making an earning from excess produce and keeping in touch with friends and family, ultimately though creating a life in the country is my main objective. I have a number of construction skills, husbandry skills and a great work ethic ( as long as it’s for myself and not some tycoons profit )

Life can easily leave people bitter and I understand that now, so I now choose to live from the land and tap back into the moral compass that Brehons once thought.

Anything else you would like to know please get in contact, serious like minded people please get in touch and I wish you the best o luck…

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