Currently accepting applications from serious whimsical (female-born) parties only. Why now? Well, let us say that I am the proud owner of United States of American, and more specifically Upstate NY land. Off-the-gridding, or OTG for short was always a dream, being my answer for “Where do you see yourself by the time you are 30?” 

To describe the land, one can say it is just under 9 untouched fully wooded acres of sloping terrain, besides the beautiful babbling brook and untapped underground spring. The brook winds with the road for nearly 700 of the 770 feet before cutting away to allow a small half acre piece of land easily accessible from the road. THIS MEANS PERFECT SECLUSION! In order to access the land one must cross the brook. My intentions are to clear the aforementioned half acre and place some form of camp housing on it, in a way that hides it from view.

Presently, for resource purposes, I have chickens, and will be owning ducks and goats before I make the move. Being skilled in gardening, I have somehow managed to permanently color my thumb green, and with the assistance of family-owned controlled beehives, the garden and wildflowers should flourish in no time. No license is needed to hunt on the property, and the deeded pond down the street is stocked yearly, also no license being needed to fish. Food should not be a problem, because…

Purchased beforehand will be a stockpile of dehydrated, freeze-dried chopped vegetables and wholesome grains, used for making soups heartier. I have a supply of garden, hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping hand tools. There will only be enough energy to power an electric fence, charge phones and possibly run a refrigerator. Freshwater also never becoming an issue.

Long-term projects include but not limited to: Permanent Dwelling, Hydro-power, Root Cellar, On-Site Fish Pond, Tree-house(s), Zip-lines, Redneck Hot-tub, Perimeter Stonewall/Split-post Fence, Winding Trails, etc. Input received with an open ear along the way.

You may find yourself asking, “Who spent their time writing this?” To which the answer could not be any more difficult to procure, so I will try to sum it up in one word. I am a strong man, in all aspects of the word, faith, will, physical strength, even of heart and mind. Some say sometimes that my funny bone is strong too. I believe there are a lot of good people out there, but not as many good humans as there ought to be. With my matured puppy at my side, I will embrace the arduous life that is minimalism at its deepest core.

Feel free to ask any questions via email at at any hour of the day. Thank you for taking the time to read this post on a site I have visited for years.

Paul Douglas Jude Albert Campbell

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One Response to “Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World”

  1. George E Macadlo

    Clarification needed: We are all “female-born”. (anyone with a mother is female-born, unless you were cloned)
    Now born-female has a completely different meaning.