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I realise this may be a long shot, but after trying various avenues, I’m not sure where else I may find someone with similar goals/ambitions. I’m seeking a likeminded soul that will enjoy building a self-sustainable future in Portugal.  

About me, and why I chose Portugal:

My name is Zak, I’m 46, and from the UK. I have been planning my Off-Grid adventure (on and off) since my divorce 6 years ago, but I’ve only really started to take it serious during the past 12 months, now I no longer have ties to the UK.

I’ve had an eclectic mix of work experience, ranging from Outdoor Instructor, teaching Canoeing, Archery, Shooting, Abseiling etc, Freelance Photographer, Stage Technician, Small Business Owner (Imports), GSD Breeder & Trainer, 3 years in the British Army, Carpenter, and more recent, Day Trader.

I’ve been fortunate with work, taking on jobs that I wanted to do, when I wanted to do them. I was never a 9-5 type of guy, and 90% of my working life has been outdoors! My Photography contracts took me to 48 countries, on 5 continents, and I’ve lived in places like Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, Highlands of Scotland, and a year on the Caribbean Sea. I’ve experienced living, and working in extreme temperatures ranging from –35° to +120°, so mild winters, and hot summers of Portugal will be welcoming.

It was through my work travels that I became interested in moving abroad, but I’ve seen so many wonderful places, it was hard to decide where. I obviously researched many locations, including France, Sweden, Spain, Vanuatu (South Pacific), French Guiana (South America), Belize (Caribbean), India, Greece, Cyprus and Gibraltar.  After a lot of internal debate, I decided that Portugal offers everything that I want, from good year round climate, fertile soil, ample irrigation sources, and good clean fresh air.

I’m currently looking at several locations in Northern Portugal, all of which are about 10-15 acres, beside streams or rivers, but with springs/wells on site, with remains of old buildings that I can renovate with the appropriate permissions. In the mean time, I’m thinking of living in a Campervan, mobile home, Yurt, or a Geodome. I’m looking at various Solar & Wind Turbine kits, but also Hydro kits if the location can support it. I also intend to breed fresh water shrimp, Tilapia and Trout.

Every day I’m watching YouTube video’s regarding growing fruit and vegetables, making my own wine and olive oil, keeping hens, using aquaponic systems, wind turbines, and possibly goats. I used to have 28 Hen’s, so I know a little about the various breeds, using their waste to fertilize, and enjoying free-range eggs.

Financial Income ideas?

1.      I will continue Day trading on a part time basis.

2.      Selling fish and vegetables in local markets.

3.      Setting an acre aside as a Glamping Site/ or Yoga/wellness retreat.

4.      Planting Oak trees that will produce Truffles in the future.

5.      Dog Kennels/training.

So, that’s my plans and me in a nutshell. So, who am I looking for?

Firstly, I think there has to be a little chemistry, to motivate us getting to know each other. Hopefully, aged between 34-54, with a true desire to live a self-sustainable lifestyle in Portugal. Although, it may not be self-sustaining initially, that is the future goal. I totally respect if you are a vegetarian or vegan, but you must accept I’m an omnivore. You must love animals, especially dogs, as I intend to have possibly two German Shepherds. Preferably a non smoker, but not essential, as I used to smoke, so not totally opposed. Most importantly, have plenty of motivation to help make this project work, and hopefully enjoy a peaceful and harmonious life together.




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6 Responses to “Seeking a Female Partner (34-54) for an Off-Grid Life in Portugal in 2019.”

  1. Zak

    December 7th 2018.
    No longer looking, as found my perfect partner.

    • Sabine Kramer

      Sorry I was late. And too old for you probably.
      Wish you luck! Hope everything worked out for you!

  2. Mel

    Hi Zak,

    I came across your ad and would very much like to chat about our off grid ambitions. I’m female, early thirties and live in the UK and have been interested in this lifestyle for a few years now.

    Is it possible if you could post your email address? I’d prefer to contact you directly than discuss too much on a public forum.



    • Lee

      Hi Melissa my name is lee and i have just moved off grid in sierra nevada (spain) are you still interested in liveing off grid? I have my own land and i now live in a yurt with plans to build a eco home this year, the land used to be a yoga retreat and i plan on growing all my own food etc, let me know if you would be intrested in something like this 😊 hope you habe a lovely day and look forward to hearing from you
      Lee x

  3. cynthia

    I’m interested in getting to know one another. My dream is to live off-grid. I am 56 yes.old.