I live in Seattle, WA, am close to the green cultural heartbeat, and am looking for other folks, close by, who are interested in meeting to talk about how to go off-grid in Seattle.

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16 Responses to “Seattlite Looking for Off-Grid Guidance”

  1. Alexandra Browne

    I am looking to live off the grid with solar energy and water from a creek. Interested in building two tiny homes for my mother, daughter and myself. Anyone want to share property or can point me in a certain direction? I would like to stay as close to Seattle as possible. Thank you. Blessings.

  2. Archer

    I’m interested in going off grid and finding undeveloped land to set up shop with solar, wind, thermal and/or small hydro-electric and rainwater harvesting. Feel free to email me if there is a group/community already doing this and helping others go that direction. Thanks!

  3. Kris

    Currently living off-grid 15mi outside Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula (2yrs renting). If you’re out this way send an email. Happy to show folks our setup. Rainwater with pressure and propane water heater, simple solar with cabin wired with 12v, propane kitchen, currently carrying in potable water, outhouse.

  4. Jeannine

    Also intrigued with living off grid. Lived in self-sufficient communities for a few months at a time in the past. Would like to join a community again. Willing to talk about it.

  5. Rebecca

    I live in Stanwood currently but have always dreamed of being off grid. I’d be interested in learning tips and discussing how to go about it.

  6. Frank

    I’d be interested in going in on some land and/or meeting up to discuss going off grid. Let me know.

  7. Roger D

    How about you Wolfpack 72…are you interested in some kind of off grid development assistance for some kind of rental exchange?

  8. Roger D

    Looked all day for land…found 5 acres at the base of the Olympic mountains with Tenas lake frontage…nice trees. listed 34K. Sellers are negotiable these days.
    Anyone want to go look?
    Anyone have a better location?
    Anyone listening?:)

  9. Roger D

    Teaming up on a big piece of land could be ideal.
    Location is key…Usually pricing is high for decent land…
    Off grid electricity is fairly simple, I run 2300watts of ac right out of my car just for fun.
    I was raised off grid and love the freedom.

    Water is always the key factor and with the current chem trail attack… don’t drink the rain!
    Remote is important or you’ll be sure to tangle with building code enforcement and they can shut you down fast. Besides if the NWO has there way all organic gardens will be underground.
    Once you have location all you need is innovation, creativity, stamina and vision.
    Stepping off the matrix is fun.
    My sister worked on the Lord of the Rings sets But I like to build the real thing:)

    Anyway we can help?

    We are a small family with a 6 year old boy. We want to find a healthy place for him to skip the consumer void of mind and heart…skip the public school cafeteria and subsidized fluoride tablets… play with other neighbors and learn from earth.

    I have a 50ft diameter dome in storage just looking for the key place. 20 years of contracting tools…I am a 3rd generation builder and inventor. But tree houses are my favorite. My latest work is my car running on ethanol and Rain Water:) http://www.hydrogenethanolhybrid.com

    Neshe is a “seer” and herbalist. We’ve been riding this economic rollecoaster like everyone else and figured its time to team up cause the “shit’s about to hit the fan”
    Cheer Friends

  10. Neshe

    wolfpack72…I am interested.
    We are a small family with a six year old son.
    My husband is a skilled, creative builder with years of off grid experience.
    We are currently in Oregon.
    Please email me with some information.

  11. emerson24

    Looking to acquire more information about self sustainability. I’m looking to get off grid by summer/fall of 2011. Would be nice to meet others with like minded philosophy.

    I’m not looking to begin or enter a commune. I like my privacy, and I like my independence free of rules or laws. I would like to however find someone or a few people buy some land that can be divided. I would like to have neighbors where we can barter services, help one another out, hang out, etc, but not be needing to sit down making out our own “Declaration of Independence.”

  12. Reboot2009

    Wolfpack72, Frank, Susan, Sean:

    I’m sorry I haven’t logged in for a while. I live in the Cascades, maybe I can answer some of your questions or add to your discussions.

    Drop by and contact me.


  13. Sean

    I live in Seattle and have been in the Research phase of going off-grid. Having been a builder, I am interested in self-sustainability off-grid living.

  14. Susan

    I live in Carnation, and would love to get together to learn more.

  15. Frank

    I’m in Seattle and would love to get in to a regular discussion.

  16. wolfpack72

    I live in lynnwood area and also looking to live off-grid also let’s hook up and discuss this further!! We have over 5 acres outside of Pt Angeles we are working on slowly.