We own 14 wooded acres and are in the process of clearing several. I am almost done with a tiny house and will be building an earth-bermed house next. I am not yet living on the property but it is paid for, 7 miles from the highway, 30 minutes from NW Arkansas .We are young and married,

I am 28, christian, white, dreadlocks, piercings, tattoos, and eager to start my off grid life with two wives, two potential mothers for my children, nothing is more important to me than making sure my future children are always taken care of. I want a best friend for my wife who happens to be amazing, very artsy and super love-able, if something happens to me I need to know she will not be alone and our children will still have two parents. Dating would be the three of us , she is not bi-sexual. It’s only fair she comes since she can hardly drag me out of the house . She works full time and I plan on being a stay at home daddy and running our little homestead.

If you are white, under 30, 420 friendly, not obese (curvy is good), short, with no children but do want them, and interested in joining me and my wife in starting a picture perfect polygamist family please contact me. I have so much love to give.

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12 Responses to “searching for off grid sister wife”

  1. Aaron Cotton

    What part of the country?

  2. Aaron Cotton

    Wow… i thought I was the only person who thought of crazy shit like this lol hope you all are enjoying your off grid living!

  3. Lady

    Hello there. Hope I’m not to late for this. I’m a 21 y/o fair skinned female whom happens to have tattoos and body piercings so that’s obviously not a problem. I’m not particularly interested in becoming a sister wife but then again I’m not 100% against it. Its more like…I want to live off the grid, preferably with a community just forming, and live off the land. I consider myself the ‘tree-hugging’ type so I’m not sure if that’s a problem. I guess I just want to know what you’re all about, and maybe if you’re interested in starting a (small) community of like minded people?

  4. Michael

    Sounds like you need a like minded neighbor/bff. Let me know when you’ve got to many responders to handle by yourself. Personally I think 3 wives is optimal. With 2 wives you’re just out numbered, even when you’re right. With 3 wives, if they all actually agree on something, and that something is that you’re wrong, then you probably are. A scary, but slight improvement over the monogamous law of, “You’re male therefore you’re wrong.”

  5. somanyanimals

    I didn’t receive most of the posts above until today , sorry

    @ paige no thank you

    @kaelacollins I sent you an email and you never responded back..

    @Norie sorry, I feel like I was put on this earth to father many children, the thought of not having any leaves me feeling empty and cold. I could never leave my wife , she is everything to me, I have been with her every single day for almost 8 years and don’t regret a minute.

    @Michell It’s not because we are racist, we are just attracted to like skinned people. We don’t even like really tan white girls ;) We are open to any ethnicity as long as you are light skinned, I mistyped.

  6. Paige

    Hi there, I’m from a media outlet and interested in talking to you about your search. My email is prh722@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you!

  7. kaelacollins

    Not sure how to contact you but I’m very interested in talking to you and your lady :)

  8. somanyanimals

    well i have gotten plenty of responses through this and other sites, it is very doable.

  9. karina

    this is too funny. you are breaking my balls, if i had some….

  10. Norie

    I’m white, 60, female, and interested in living this life. Do you suppose you would give me a chance? Dreadlocks and tattoo an option. I would be very good at dragging you out of the house. You don’t need children – they’re just bothersome and loud. I have a very good body still – I’m 5’3″ and 114 pounds. No fat, no wrinkles. Tan, firm. I practice yoga every day. Ditch your wife for me and let’s practice polygamy together, mate. So many animals, so little time.

  11. Michell

    Why do you have to be white… ?

  12. Paula

    I am a white 46 year old female interested in living this life.