Dear Community,

I am 21 and from Austria and currently with my 2 colleagues ( 38, 21) in Spain, Catalonia. We have been working in the tech industry for good 3 years and now we have been in some areas like: Engineering, Construction, renewable energy, programming, Automation, Blockchain, agriculture, hydro/aeroponics etc. we have built up a very good knowledge and are ready to build on a good reason. So we want to build up an off grid tech society, but we are looking for all sorts of like-minded people who are fed up with the system. There is equity capital, but for a nice off grid ground you would still have to put down a little more. That we build ourselves should of course be like self-sufficient. I hope to meet like-minded people!

The whole thing should become an independent off grid system but also an internal lab for research e.g. in the energy and blockchain sector, through these sources various passive incomes for the off grid system are possible.

At the moment we are mainly German speaking, but we can communicate very well in English. 



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  1. Gerard

    Hello, how can i contact you?