[before_listing images= youtube=null] So… my wife and I previously posted on this site but to be honest, it was perhaps a bit premature. We had not yet come to terms with exactly what we were looking for in the family we are seeking to join us as we pursue a more simple life. We believe that we now have a better handle on what and who we are looking for and so we begin again.
First, a little about us: I am 53 years old, former military, and in very good health. My wife is 45, a former legal assistant and very much likes learning the old ways of doing things. We are drug and alcohol free. We have two grown boys (23 and 21) who are out on their own. We also have a 5 year old little girl. We are now closing in on our 2 year anniversary of moving onto 16 acres of wooded land about 2 hours SW of St. Louis. Old logging roads lead to our land that is remote and is surrounded by nearly 400,000 acres of the Pea Ridge and Mark Twain National Forests. We are located about 12 miles NW of a small town called Potosi, Missouri. We are not off-grid, but do have plans to make that jump when we can put other systems in place. I grew up in the city and my wife was an Army brat moving constantly, and spent a lot of time growing up with her extended family in a small town. We are teaching ourselves to do what is needed to make sure we can weather any storm. This endeavor has taken everything we could scrap together as far as financial resources but there have been no regrets.
Essentially, we are looking to pick our neighbors. Our primary goal is to have another child or children for our little girl to grow up with – ideally, at least one girl the same age as ours (or at least close). We, of course, hope to gain lifetime friends that will accompany us on this journey.
It will be necessary for the right family to have some initial financial resources to help them put in place a suitable dwelling. This is not necessarily all that daunting as our property has a location that already has access for electric and telephone, a concrete pad (for a mobile home, camper or RV), septic tank, and water well in place (although there is no pump in the well). Depending on your needs, I estimate that this initial cost could be as low as about $2000. This location is separate from ours so it has privacy.
We also home school our daughter and would like you to have the same mindset for the education of your child or children. My wife wants to put up a small schoolhouse for this purpose. Missouri is a very “homeschool friendly” state.
If this sounds like a situation that interests you, please respond with an email to jonelllayton@yahoo.com . We look forward to your response.
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3 Responses to “The search continues for a family to join us.”

  1. Kate


    I just read your post and I am completely intrigued. I am only in the researching phase of off-the-grid living. My husband is a business owner and while he has done well, it has taken a toll on our family and we are yearning for a simple life, unplugged from technology and worldly influences.

    We have 5 children ages 2-10, also homeschoolers! We currently reside in small house in a suburb of St. Louis and are very familiar with your area.

    My husband and I are quite handy and resourceful. Our family is very healthy, we love to work in our backyard garden and live as naturally as possible. I have future hopes of a huge producing organic garden, raising milk goats and chickens.

    I strive to provide a “one room schoolhouse” type education to my children and would love the opportunity to collectively school with other sustainable families.

    I suppose this response post is in hopes that when we are ready to make the jump, you may still be searching for more families. Or perhaps, I could contact you for some guidance and encouragement in the future?

    At any rate, may God bless and protect your journey and your family!

  2. Jonell

    Hi Angela. Please contact me at jonelllayton@yahoo.com.

  3. angela

    I would really like to know more. My husband and I have been thinking about living off grid for some time now. We have a 6 year old daughter as well.