[before_listing images= youtube=nz_3_zqIW-E] Hi, I’m 24, come from a background of Physics, Renewable Energy and Climate Change. Been involved with campaigning/activism for sustainable politics/economics for the past few years, but now more interested in building a new system than changing the existing one. I’ve got a passion for DIY energy, including carving wind turbines from wood and setting up off-grid systems combined with solar/hydro-power. I’m also really keen to learn about rainwater collection, purifying and heating, as well as eco-building techniques and waste management (dry loos, wet loos, compost, and the like).

I’ve recently taken inspiration from watching the 4oD series on “living with the Amish” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz_3_zqIW-E These people really understand how to work with the land and nature in ways that yield such a rich life, away from the corrupted “American Dream” of the modern world! I am interested to explore the old crafts of wheel-making for carts, and keeping horses again.

My dream is to live on a spiritual eco-farm community, to keep chickens for meat and eggs, and goats for milk, without the hassle and expense of dairy cows. I want to try growing oats, wheat, potatoes, carrots and the basic seasonal things (kale, broccoli, lettuce, leeks)… maybe some tomatoes and mushrooms too! Oh, and have an orchard, re-learning canning, bread-making, and re-skilling ourselves with old proven techniques and traditions. There would be time and space for exploring creative arts too like embroidery and clothes-making. I strongly believe there is a place for technology in this lifestyle, and communications in particular, to demonstrate another way to the wider world. New lifestyles must be broadcast far and wide if we are to achieve the necessary paradigm shift for humanity!

In terms of community-building and personal/spiritual development, I am seeking people who are open minded to different faith practices (and none!), to build on an inclusive framework of discovering each other’s skills, wisdom and inner light to grow together as a community. It is important to me to create an accepting space, where people can become who they are, in a supportive and connected group, which strives to be both open and trusting.

I ask others who share a similar vision for a community in Scotland (or UK) to connect together, and we can begin to knit the ties and find the components to create this new place we want to see and live in! If you want to connect on any of these ideas, please join this mailing list and let the conversation begin!! https://groups.google.com/d/forum/offgrid-together-uk I look forward to meeting with you.

Light and love,
Claire x
clairemorris22 AT gmail.com[landbuddy_listing youtube=nz_3_zqIW-E]

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15 Responses to “Scotland spiritual / eco-farm / traditional re-skilling! Looking for land and people with real intent :-)”

  1. Iain McCowan

    Hi all, Architect with almost 40 years experience of agricultural / residential/commercial experience .. had enuf ! About to ‘retire’… as if :-D Finances sadly do not allow me to go this route ‘on my own’ so very happy to consider group development of old farm or rural buildings. Best regards Iain McCowan

  2. tommzzmc

    …not sure if my first post made it through…trying again…Hi, I’m Tom. I have had some involvement with eco-village plans in Scotland over the last several years. I am offering help in terms of architectural design Planning and Building Warrants. Please get in touch if interested. I am based in Scotland, so contacting Scottish initiatives in the first instance. tomwallace.tom@gmail.com

  3. Claire

    Update: I’ve been looking into Earthships and the Isle of Eigg… https://www.isleofeigg.org/ I think this could be a hub for real regeneration in our corner of the world, if it isn’t already!

    Seasons greetings! :)

    I’m thinking of going to Eigg in the near-ish future – it’s a beautiful community-owned, renewable-powered island on the western coast of Scotland.

    I am thinking of doing some volunteer time at http://www.earthconnections.co.uk Eco Centre.

    Then eventually my dream is to set up a small farm there, based around an Earthship, growing wheat and oats, vegetables in polytunnels, keeping chickens and goats, and enjoying the work on the land.

    I also want to gather some people together to build something like Phoenix Earthship (by http://www.Earthship.com) – it’s absolutely stunning – check these 3 videos:




    There hasn’t been a meeting of all the people yet, but there have been a lot of responses recently… I hope we can sort something amazing as a big group.

    I don’t have any financial resources at the moment, so I am going to train to teach Physics and Math for a few years, and save a little to allow me to contribute to kicking this off on some land. I love working with young people, and I hope that I could still keep teaching workshops and practical skills to kids as part of an intentional community.

    I’d love to hear more about you all and your dreams.

    Keep reaching…

  4. Grace

    Interested and would love to help/be a part of this vision. Off-grid has been my dream and goal for too long now, it’s time to make it a reality for the world.

  5. Claire

    Hi folks, it’s great to hear such a positive response – is anyone available to speak on Skype or meet up somewhere about this idea?

  6. Andrew

    Sounds perfect… Im in scotland is where something like this would thrive!

  7. Rosie

    Sounds awesome I’m really keen

  8. David Peters

    Hi Guys,
    Iv been thinking of going off grid for a number of years now,
    I am 25 year old straight male
    I have no real religious views, I feel religion is all good and well if you are taking it with a pinch of salt but I have a problem with the fanatics.

    I have worked since I was 16 years old in a number of industry’s including being a trained chef, photographer/artist, and currently a b2b account manager (hey we all have to pay the bills) im still fairly handy and love learning new things (knowledge is the route to enlightenment).
    my views may differ in the fact my mentality tells me that working and earning some form of living is always going to be a necessity and although planning to live off grid, I still aim to keep some form of work (be it part time) to add to the rainy day fund along with being very much self sufficient growing my own food earning a living from my passions etc.

    My plan was originally to go it alone, basically buy a double decker bus, recycle it into a home on a plot of land i have bought outright and basically ‘pimp it out’ not in the chavy way but the idea having a hot tub/pool/tennis court for my free time on my secluded land would be pretty cool haha!

    I did plan to do this with the idea of keeping very much in touch with technology by using forms of elemental power but also trying to keep the cost down on the building work with mainly recycled materials and doing the majority of the work myself/help from friends I had a budget in mind of around 15k that was including a small plot.

    To be honest I didn’t even think about doing it with a community in mind until I came across this site mentioned in wired, but now hearing so many story’s of like minded people it makes sense, I am kicking myself for not thinking of it before it may have saved so much time!
    so i would love to hear of anyone else who has a plan and see if we can get a self sufficient community going!


  9. 07jamwil

    This sounds perfect. I am from the south west of england. North Somerset. I have very little money but email me if you like and perhaps we could exchange ideas? skurfextremesport@hotmail.co.uk

  10. ClaireScotland

    Hi Richard! Thanks for you interest :)

    Cornwall is a beautiful place to be, and I love the coastal walks there! North Devon is great for off-grid living as well… I’d be interested to hear more about your experiences of bushcraft and skills relating to self-sufficiency.

    Scotland has some of the best wilderness in the UK for off-grid opportunities, and more and more people seem to be taking the opportunity to build their own cabins or eco-homes in remote and beautiful places, with plenty of space and natural resources around.

    Land here is relatively expensive, but I believe, with a group of 20 or so people, we can buy a 20 acre patch, and dedicate it to creating a community which can become entirely self-sufficient in due course.

    This idea will need people will all sorts of skills and knowledge, from permaculture, horticulture and agriculture to woodwork, forestry, sustainable building techniques and much more.

    Nick’s site here seems to be attracting a lot of brilliant, like-minded people, and I think if we gather our energy together, this will be an exciting time to move back to the land!

    Enjoy the day and keep living life to the full :)

  11. Richard

    In case you want to email me: fierytigerwolf@hotmail.com

  12. Ava

    Way to go, Claire. Email me…let’s talk!

  13. Richard

    Hi Claire!……

    I’m Richard from Cornwall…… I’m 36 years old & I’ve always dreamed / imagined living “offgrid” / “in the wilderness.” I’ve been camping & using bushcraft & solar equipment & gadgets quite a bit for a while now. I’m constantly searching online on my ipad for the possibility of finding like minded people who want to live in offgrid communities or camping / building cabins or structures in the wilderness in various countries that have the necessary resources & landscape & distances from society etc…… I would very much like to know more about any community / offgrid situations your trying to create in the uk :)

    Your also welcome to ask myself anything you like too? Have a great day!!

  14. ClaireScotland

    Thanks, outta ranks. There is a Scotland Permaculture Convergence next weekend – if anyone is able to get there, I might try to facilitate a meeting on this idea. I think a starting point will be to get a group together in person to chat about our visions and ideas for a land-based community, and see the best way to go from there. Thanks for your interest, and please let me know if you or anyone you know would like to meet up with others and discuss ideas! Cheers, Claire.

  15. outta ranks

    Sounds like a plan.