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Jon de Mol new series for Fox Network is about TV execs manipulating desparate people
Utopia – Fox Fall or Fox Fail?
My goodness, are those people at Fox Network total scumbags or what?

Their latest big idea is a show called Utopia where a bunch of “ordinary people” live in an off-grid community for a year and make up the rules as they go along.

So they can design their own Utopia for a year. Is that because Fox thinks we are too shallow to understand building a Utopia might take a little longer than that?

Or will it be like the new Bear Grylls show “Island,” where Channel 4 TV in the UK have put actors and professional soldiers in with the “ordinary” guys? And said they have to get their own food and water, but then surreptitiously fed them.

Fox contacted me the other day asking for my help with Utopia.

They are creating a group of 15 people from across the US, chosen to fulfil various focus group findings, and to contain enough sexual tension, racial minorities, and people who hate each other on sight so as to make the series “interesting.”

Invented by sleazebag John de Mol, who first pioneered Big Brother, the “Utopia” cast of characters “will get to decide how they want to live, what kinds of laws they will have (if any), how they will support themselves, etc” say Fox.

Oh really? Why call it Utopia then? Why not call it Minecraft?

“At the end, there will be one ultimate Utopian pioneer,” Fox announced. My! One ultimate Utopian. How pointless is that?

What is truly offensive however, is that the show’s producers are looking for a pregnant woman to give birth during this awful schlock series. Or someone who is “actively trying to become pregnant.”

No doubt the programme makers will stick the camera between the woman’s legs in a very tasteful way. This is Fox Network after all, those sensitive intellectuals with their finger on the pulse of America’s idealistic youth.

Fox Fall or Fox Fail?

Fox are leaving things a little late because they already scheduled two fall episodes with “Utopia,” airing new episodes on Tuesday and Friday nights. In success, FOX execs have indicated that “Utopia” could continue forever — Just like “Forever Eden”! — which would impact FOX’s spring slate.

Let’s hope the sad, desperate lonely people they recruit for this monumental piece of trivia all rebel and refuse to co-operate with the manipulative TV people who treat them with such disdain.

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