[before_listing images= youtube=null] I’m near Yorkton Saskatchewan and have 80 acres of somewhat degraded meadow and black poplar bush. Part of the land is recovering really well. This year planted a whole bunch of seabuckthorn, crab apple, sand cherry hazelnuts and some other trees.

I am trying to get moved onto the land, getting a greenhouse, poultry house and a tiny house onto the land this summer, the last two being built with pallets since I haven’t been able to find the big 4x4x8 straw bales. I’m presently 14 kilometers away in an odd little house which needs lots of work and I don’t want/can’t afford to bother with it, so focussing on getting onto the land.

There are no building on the land at the moment. There is a pond which would be heaven for ducks as it’s got lots of duckweed on it. Water is good for stock but a water catchment system would be needed for household; and composting type toilets..the water table is high here so a well wouldn’t be be a huge project but we get lots of rain so unless a big family catching water should be sufficient.

I would love to have someone or several someones,or a family or two, join me on this land. It’s 30 minutes from town, if people need work, (I cannot offer money, just a place to park/build a small home and live in exchange for some help). If people had ambition then we could work out something about profit sharing.

I am retired and have arthritis so am somewhat limited in what I can manage to do. The plan is to grow trees and shrubs to produce fruit and firewood for sale,also maybe seedlings. I have a couple of dozen haskap started from seed this year and eventually want to end up with haskap, sour cherry, aronia, seabuckthorn, hazelnuts maybe saskatoons to produce fruit and honey locust (those next year, didnt get to them this year.) for firewood. Also started a few chestnuts and butternut trees but probably too far north for the chestnuts.

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There’s lots of room for chickens, ducks geese etc. and those are planned for, maybe also guinea hens for the ticks! There’s lots of room for a market garden but that’s beyond me now. A cow or two or a couple of pigs also fine, was considering sheep this year but the fences need upgrading and other projects come first.

The goal is to make the place produce enough to pay for the taxes and living expenses, while healing the land and helping it get better and better.

Hoping to find people who are nice, energetic people who have a wide variety of interests (winter is long and often cold in Saskatchewan) and who understand how to interact/work cooperatively with others. A sense of humor a must as is probably a sense of adventure. (The mile of grid road to get to the paved road is usually fine but is sometimes a challenge, for example). Attitude much more important than previous knowledge. I strongly believe that courtesy and honesty are essential to getting along. No room for people with alcohol, drug or anger/violence issues, nor for people who are allergic to work, sorry.

A very long term lease (99 years?) might eventually be a possibility, depending on how things worked out between everyone. I won’t be around but don’t want the place to go to a subdivision developer.
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14 Responses to “Saskatchewan possibility”

  1. Pam O'Neill

    Hi Fritz
    Hope your worries are resolved, as we exchanged several emails last night :)

  2. kenshein

    Hello Pam,

    Ive sent you a reply to your email, i dont know if you received it, or maybe check your junk mail.
    If you didnt received anything at all, just tell me by posting in here, ill post another address to contact me.


  3. kenshein

    Hello Pam,

    Your project sounds wonderfull, and i would like to be part of it.

    Please contact me at fritzadvent@gmail.com

    I am a single guy with no children, im in good physical condition and traveling to Saskatchewan would be a great adventure and opportunity.

  4. Pam

    I am replying to all the people who contact me, but have not had ONE reply to my response, not even a comment to say what they have decided to do, whether or not they wanted to chat further or let it go. This is extremely frustrating as I’ve no idea if people are even getting my emails back.
    If you have emailed me and got a reply PLEASE at least let me know that as I am told this site is no longer “active” and I can’t figure out how to get the listing off since it’s really only been a source of frustration.:)

  5. Mike

    Hi Pam,

    Please email me at: richard.m.burton@outlook.com

    I am extremely interested in your project. I can hunt and fish and am not afraid of hard work. I am extremely interested to know how you’ve gotten along since this is an older post.

  6. Pam

    I just now got a message that there had been any replies and it seems as though there is a problem and the people to whom I replied earlier appeared not to get my response. I don’t know how to bypass the bottleneck here , to contact people, anyone know?

  7. Mark Clifford

    I would like to help and learn from people that have been living off grid and dont mind hard work if needed.
    I have been doing alot of reading on how toos from You Tube and would the chance to ….. that,s my goal.

  8. Heather

    Geetings Pam,
    I am a semi-retired teacher with off grid and farming experience, looking to build just such community here on prairies further west. Would consider Saskatchewan also.

  9. Laura

    Hello, This is exactly what i am looking for. please let me know if you need a hard working couple with great sense of homour to work with you.
    Thank you.

  10. pam

    Hi Sophia
    I replied to you via email and would really appreciate knowing if it got through. If you could let me know that would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  11. sophia

    I would love an update on how everything is going! I am interested in living in an off grid community. I have a lot of gardening/ crop growing, building experience, and I also make home goods, personal items ( soap, deodorant, etc.) I would love to talk more about this community.

  12. pam

    hi Koby
    I have replied to you twice via email and it seems not to be getting through, although the messages haven’t been returned. I’m not comfortable publishing phone numbers and such on a site such as this, and you likely aren’t either, so not sure what the next step is.

  13. Pam

    Hi Koby
    Thanks for your message! I’d be most interested in chatting with you. Where are you now, are you familiar with saskatchewan? Not sure how to get to private message you, perhaps you know how?

  14. Koby Paul Mansour

    I would love to help you out. I believe that we as a human race should strive to cut ourselves off from the corporate establishment that is enslaving us and live our own free lives free from society. Me and my father would love to help you with getting your place set up to live off the grid. maybe later we could all start a small commune as well and start our own little community 100% sustainable on its own away from money and bills just technology and learning… that’s my goal..