[before_listing images= youtube=null] We have a room with wood stove, composting bathroom, we have water. We supply room, board and a small monthly stipened in exchange for labor. We have internet and some electric. Great chance for the right person. The work is cleaning, mowing helping with animals etc. We do not want drama, drunks, or fanatics. Call 620-899-1971[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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21 Responses to “room and board for help with labor”

  1. Nickolas J. Johnson

    My fiance and I are looking to get a new start on life due to circumstances beyond our control. I’ve been in construction all of my life from painter to electrician. I enjoy working with my hands and creating new things as well as upcycle things to. My fiance is great with animals and around the house. She is also a message therapist. We just need a change in gears and get to know each other better on a different level and enjoy new experiences. If this is still available and if you are interested, please send me an email so we can get together and helping you help us! Thanks for your time,
    Nickolas J Johnson

  2. Edward Schmidt

    I’m starting a New life, i would like to possibly join you, I’m very handy,love animals. I’ve been in construction of my life,i cash also operate various types of equipment. I read everything here and am very impressed,I’m looking for a change and this sound like it.

  3. kenny johnson

    please consider me . I am strong ,athletic 6’4″ man that enjoys people and work.

  4. noah davidson

    Good morning,
    My name is noah davidson, i am 25, fit, hardworking and drug and alchol free. Id like to offer you a full year commitment. I have expereince in many different fields construction, landscaping, and plumbing. I have served 5 years in the Marines. i know how to take direction and learn quick. Thank you for your concideration, and hope to hear from you soon.
    Noah Davidson

  5. Desmond Gebler

    I would love to contribute my skills as a carpenter to the community. My name is Desmond Gebler this sounds like a great long term situation please contact me if you still have room.
    Thank you

  6. Natassa78

    Hello and Thank you my Name is Natassa, I am currently in Washington state. I am 36 of age able to work and love animals and people. I want to be part of a off grid community. Please email Blessed be. nss78@live.com

  7. Nathan

    Hi I am in desperate need of hands on work and room in board I currently live in Pennsylvania and want to relocate in the worse way I am 24 years old and can’t seem to get on my feet i have a wide range of work experience and a very fast learner please email me if the offer is on the table

  8. Len Ferguson

    I am currently able bodied sound and mind to be able to perform any functions to what you are looking for and more. I would like to educate myself more by classifying myself with a group of people that will help me learn to survive a bit better and to also make newer and better friendships with. I’m requesting this type of atmosphere A.S.A.P. and was wondering if your still looking for longterm residents to please contact me A.S.A.P. also. I have tried calling the number listed above and rings then just goes dead. Please help! Much thanks for your time and this opportunity.

  9. kyle kinney

    I am a hands on worker, learns fast and works hard. I am looking for a place that supplies room and board in exchange for labor. i want to be able to experience sustainable living. I love the out doors and nature and have experience in alot of different work areas. please let me know what you have to offer. i am looking for a long term commitment. email in kinney.k579@gmail.com

  10. Josh Harper

    My email is jharp45@gmail.com and number is 316-284-7201 I am looking to be a long term resident!

  11. Josh Harper

    Im from wichita and looking for this place but number is disconnected and website dont work. Please contact me

  12. Shian Martin

    I have alot of time on my hands right now.I wouldnt mind learning and working especially getting away from the hood.I really dont know how to get in contact but I hope you contact me.God bless.

  13. RaspberryTea

    Please email me current contact info if you are still looking for help.


  14. Rob

    Would love to join under the work option. I am 28 and able bodied with steelworking skill. Please contact me if you have room and board available for hard work and a friendly demeanor. My number is 607-621-1300.

  15. Jesse

    Other than hunting on the land are there any other rules that people should be aware of before joining and do you require that the person(s) joining have all experience needed or are you willing to train as long as person is willing to work?

  16. lady young

    this sounds perfect for me my email is cherry24lossoms@gmail.com

  17. Voldane

    Joining Us

    We are currently accepting inquiries and applications for new members. There are two types of members currently being accepted. Please read about each type of member we are accepting applications for. Select which type of member you might be interested in becoming and place it in the email you send with our inquiry.

    Working members are members that work full time at the community. They work with us on the land and off the land. Types of work that are common include: fencing, mowing, feeding animals, cleaning animal housing, gardening, cleaning of common areas, building shelters, repairing buildings, and more. Imagine a self sufficient community and all the types of work that would be needed for it and then imagine a few more lol.

    These members pay nothing to live here. They receive room and board along with a small monthly stipend for personal expenses. This is not a job, it is set up as a labor for room and board.The average monthly stipend is around $100.00 per working person. It can go up if the person wants to work more hours away from the land. We mow, clean and take care of other properties to make the land payments, buy food, etc. The more work away from the land the higher the stipened. There is no guarantee on the amount of the stipend. It can change month to month with expenses and amount or work away from the land. The average working member spends 2 days away from the land working.

    Paying members are members with outside income. Retired or disabled members usually fit in this category. These members can only help out around the land on a limited basis. In exchange for room and board these members pay monthly contributions ranging from $350.00 a month up to $500.00 per month. This is a sliding scale set up based on individual needs and desire fo the community and potential member. The paying member could help with any task they wanted to gardening, cooking, pitching in how and when they wanted. They would not be required to help out, but it is encouraged. Even just helping with dishes once in awhile is a huge help or picking some produce from the garden for meals.

    We have rooms in the main house, we have a spots for campers rv’s, we also have rooms in out buildings that are being converted to studio cabins. All new members begin as trial members. If they are happy and everything is going well in 6 to 12 months they are given the chance to apply for full membership. If the other community members and leaders approve the application they have the option of building a house/ cabin on the land.

    Any building site and materials must be approved by members and leaders. Simple rules concerning the land use and building practices will be in place to protect the land and all members.

    Please keep in mind that there is no hunting on community land. You may hunt on land otehr than community land at your descretion. Animals that live on the land are to be treated with respect and kindness. If you do not like animals this is not a good community for you.

    We are not a community for everyone. We do not raise any animals to be killed. We do buy locally rasied meat for members that eat meat. Some members do not eat meat and thi sis ok. We do not care about personal religious beliefs as long as there is no preaching or recruiting of other members. If a member asks you about your religion then tell them and answer the questions if you want. We do celebrate holidays, birthdays, seasons and well any reason to have music and food with dancing is reason enough lol.

    We eat meals together and will also be planing camping trips, trips to the drive in, movie nights, and more. We are rebuilding from teh ground up and seeking members that would like to become leaders in the future. We are hoping to find long term members but will consider short term members as well. 620 899 1971

  18. Jason Morgan

    Hi Id love to come Join you. I can offer one full year commitment. I currently live in Los Angeles, and would like to get out of the rat race for awhile. Im able bodied, willing to travel light, and as stated, willing to give a full 365. Out side of the city. Peace and quite, has a nice appeal. Please email me. jason.r.morgan81@gmail.com

  19. Andos

    Hiya, I’m from the UK and wondered firstly if that would be a problem? I’m interested in your advert to join you off grid in exchange for labor and board. I’m not sure what the issue is with permits and visas, could you give me run down please? p.s. check my profile for suitability.

  20. Nine

    Where is this at?