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[before_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/8ac0c99b2bdda81f766fd6a8b18f2ffa.jpg youtube=null] Hello all, I’m trying to get away from the evil chase bank and this is taking longer than I had planned. I am a multi professional multi instrumentalist songwriter with plans to move my entire analog home recording studio into a fiver toy box. I own a great 2005 F2 with a 6.0 diesel and it’s paid off. I was planning to head out to Quartzsite in Jan 2014 but I may be late. I am experiencing anxiety over making the jump and just got my copy of “Off the Grid.”
You can visit me at 12GaugeMusic dot cm.[landbuddy_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/8ac0c99b2bdda81f766fd6a8b18f2ffa.jpg youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Rookie Full Timer (soon!)”

  1. stadulevich

    hey im looking get a group to buy an island along the equator let me know if you are interested.

  2. lee

    Consider Tennessee,,Music industry, more then a few folks living the off grid like. My husband and I have just started building our cabin about an hour east of nashville. He also works in the finance sector, I work in the film industry. We are thrilled about our move and love the location, the Nashville music/film scene is close enough for us to enjoy….farm2tabletn@gmail.com

  3. cornfed

    PS: considered a boondocking area ( free camping) although I believe you’re suppose to buy a season pass ( 15 -20 bucks), never the less no one came around to check the entire month we stayed there. Great fishing and boating there as well.

  4. cornfed

    Check out areas along the Colorado River 30 minutes southwest of Quartzsite…I spent a month there and its was the awesome! Aside from its beauty and lack of masses, best part was no shortage of water! Campsites are all along the river bank for over 30 miles ( south of the interstate is was best) Can get a bit dusty at times, but well worth it. Email me if ya feel like shootin the breeze:) Cheers, Tom

  5. Lexicon7

    Hey thanks for the responses:
    I would like to comment back..
    To Papabyrd: You know, lots of people have told me exactly what you said. Taking the first step. Leaving the “security” behind. I know I am going to love it but as I mentioned, taking way to long to get out. Thanks again for the encouragement. I’ll let you know how it is going and when I am out.

    To Cornfed: Thanks for your great response. If you can remember when you took that first step.. Quartzsite is just a place I picked as an initial destination. I think it helps to have a plan when you begin your journey and based on the free or almost free cost, that’s what I need right now. Also, I will be writing music and working on my book so I may not mind the peace and quiet there. Also, the great thing about full timing is that I would imagine if you get tired of a spot as you said, you just drive away and find a better one.. Thanks again, Morgan

  6. lurose

    We are looking to go off the grid by summer14….Would like to rent to own city block size lot that has utilities east of IH35 towart Luling or that area from San Marcos….Elderly handicap lady with married daughter and son in law….Anyone ? please send email…..thanks…

  7. Papabyrd

    Hey brother…
    Your AWESOME! youve taken your first step to real living and dont know it. A beutiful thing that happens when you move off grid is that the REAL you comes out. I think the anxiety your feeling is the start.
    We all have feelings and emotions. being off grid helps the real you come out. Youll get mad, frustrated, and scared @ times, but youll also feel joy, happiness, and a feeling of accomplishment @ a level thats not possible in mainstream life.
    Its made me a better person. Its a trip what the diff. between mainstream and off grid is. I have worked my butt off and feel great about it! when I worked a 9-5 I worked hard and never felt fufilled. Tending a composting toilet dosent faze me 1 bit but in the mainstream its discusting. If something destroyes my shed I dont get mad, I just build another one “I’ll have it built in less than a day!” In the mainstream a insurance co. gets involved and you have to wait for someone els to take care of it for you.
    Remember this brother… The first step is the hardest! Youll wonder why you didnt take the first step sooner!

  8. cornfed

    No guts no glory!
    I’ve been to Quartzsite and was board of it within 2 days. Mostly a lot of campers doing a lot of nothing! Not mush to do there other than walk around flee markets ( a lot of rocks for sale..lol ) If you need postal services, its an all day wait on line unless you camp out at the door to be first on line in the morning:) There are better spots to Boondock camp. Google away