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I found this site while looking for rocket stove info, there is a great video with detailed instructions on how to build a rocket stove, these stoves will burn smaller twigs, something I have lots of on my property, you can use less fuel, it’s clean and I hope to be able to use one to at least boil water, something we do a lot to make coffee and such. This site also has the Humanure Handbook and other great info, all free!


I plan on making a rocket stove in the near future, Bob has not been very excited about it though, he doesn’t think it will be “all that” or work as good as I think it will, I still want to make one though. I showed him the video and he saw that I am really interested in it, so he said to remind him next time we are in town so we can get the parts necessary to build it. I can’t wait!


Blogger Dragon said…

I have a few pictures of my portable rocket stove over at my blog.
The pictures are of the smallest of the rocket stoves I’ve made. A few small sticks for fuel and it boils my morning coffee.
Bob sounds handy enuff to get one really cooking. You can tell him for me he will be surprised at how well they work.
feel free to email me with any questions about the stoves and I help all I can…Dragon

April 13, 2008 7:35 PM


Blogger Wretha said…

Thanks Dragon, I just read it on your blog, I know Bob can make one for me, he has agreed to make one for me, we just have to collect the stuff to make it, I have no doubt it will become a well used part of my kitchen, since the weather has gotten warmer, I am not using the wood stove to cook on, so we have been using propane, something we don’t want to have to rely on. I found a set of plans for a rocket stove bread oven, I really want to start baking bread again, I’m pretty good at it, it may even make us some extra “dough” too… :) You also gave me an idea about selling rocket stoves too, thanks!!!


April 14, 2008 1:15 PM

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