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A decent show about off-grid families, for once – started Tuesday at 10 p.m, TLC, in which three families sell virtually everything in their modern lives and move out where there’s no Internet, no technology, no nothing.

Some viewers may conclude that however annoying those junk emails may get and however much they hate the way their kids seem to be online 24/7, there’s a lot about the modern world we like. But others will be empowered to try it for themselves.

David and Shay Kemp have five kids. He’s a corporate executive who gets laid off and decides this is an opportunity to go live the simple life in the woods and reconnect as a family.

Not the best news ever for the kids, as you might suspect.

Tina and Blake Elliott are already small-footprint people. She creates holistic herbal treatments for arthritis, so it’s a smaller step for them to move with their three daughters to an Oregon farm.

Brett and Callie Watford have four sons, who love the electronic world. The main reason Brett and Callie want to unplug is they hope it can save their shaky marriage.

Anyone want to take odds?

But all three families seem fairly serious, not like people who just want to be on television.

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One Response to “‘Risking it All’ TV series sees families downshift”

  1. keebler

    I watched it—so sorry they didn’t plan better but to trade 1’000’s worth of Guns for a T-pee and some wood CRAZY. I didn’t see if they got any food.