[before_listing id=410 images= youtube=null] I am planning my retirement living off the grid completely. Raising my own food from grains to meat. I am studying Herbal Medicine and Holistic Medicine. I was raised on a farm with Pigs and crops so I have a green thumb and am ready to retire from the military and enjoy the sweet knowledge that what I create is mine and others to share the fruits of my labor.[landbuddy_listing id=410 youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “Retiring soon Going Off Grid”

  1. Robyn Odle

    I just checked, we made #2 on list!
    A bonus for me is I am SO familiar with this place, preferring to travel dirt roads as compared to highways this is my native land for generations.
    My thinking is anything within 10 miles of an interstate is going to be hit hard by bipedal locusts when the balloon goes up!
    Outa sight outa mind

  2. Robyn Odle

    I live & work in NW Arkansas, right now looking at doing same close to Fayetteville AR, I work at the VA here.
    Do you have any thoughts about this area?
    I’m a veteran also and security is very important to me. I really do love it here!
    Please do independent research and let me have your thoughts on my area.
    Whatever you do, get enrolled at your local VA even if you have insurance!

  3. Linda

    I am also looking to go off grid, I am in Tx., am looking toward the central US for safety, where are you thinking? Plz tell me, since you’re mili- tary, what do you think of “US Navy future map of the USA”, am halfway believing it. THX!!

  4. chowan

    hey are you interested in NE Nevada?

    trying to get a village started lots of cheap land available isolated but free.

    please check out forum if you are at all interested