[before_listing id=409 images= youtube=null] Hey, I’ve been off grid for many years. I have land for sale.   Contact me email if you are looking for land, very remote.
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40 Responses to “Remote off grid land available”

  1. michele cruzat

    I am looking for a very small piece of land. it can be as small as a 1/4 acre. I have spent a couple of hours looking in Northwest Washington State but can only find land available with water, electricity and sewer available etc. I don’t want all that. I want a place to be able to escape to where I plan to put in a bunker or solar powered pod where I can hide in case of an economic meltdown. How can I find property available such as this? I appreciate any help you can give me.

  2. Tammi

    Looking for a few acres and owner finance if possible. Would like to build a cabin for my family all grown. Please let me know if this land you had available is still for sale. We live in Colorado already so the move will be easy.

  3. Elsa Duncan

    i am a single woman looking for a remote 1-2 acrs of land to put a tiny house on. I would like to have access to water a stream, lake, some source of fresh water. I need to be able to put down payment and owner financing if possible. Unrestricted land please. Looking at south/south eastern Arkansas.

  4. Steven

    About to get off line for now. But would like to find a land contract deal for some acreage. the more remote the better. needs a bit of road frontage or at least good right of way. trees a must also fresh water source. Rugged terrain is great. would love it to have a stream, river, pond, or lake. very small down payment with low monthly. Want to put off grid tiny home/ cabin. Want to homestead and get back to basics. No less than 10 Acers. Even willing to barter labor. Would prefer land in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Texas, W.Va. would even consider Alaska. If you have a piece of land like this or know of any please, message me. I am a 10 yr. Vet. Grew up on farms, and the mountains of W.Va. Needing to get back to the basics, God, and Nature. Thank you. E-mail me with pics if you have them. wolfen_39@msn.com

  5. Bruce Faulkner

    Looking for 20+ acres that is capable of suppying fire wood for a small cabin. Would also like a clear spot for a garden. Year around water preferred. If it’s inacessable most of the year is fine. Don’t want it near a paved road. I’m in Montana so that would be great. Retiring in about five years and would like a little time to work on it before then. Today is 6/1/15.

  6. Fay

    am looking just for 1 acre of land in Idaho or Washington state for off-grid living – fishing, mini solar powered house, mini garden, mini everything…

  7. micheal

    heading to southern Colorado to buy 5 acres no covenants way off grid, realitor waiting for me. I need to put together a group to camp on site for trial run before winter hits. will need your own gear and expereince. contact me so we can come up with a plan.

  8. Lisa

    Hello, I am looking for 2-5 acre parcel, unrestricted if possible to build a tiny house and live. Northern Idaho would be ideal or anywhere else as I am just starting my dream of living remotely. Thanks!

  9. Aaron

    I’m looking for a sizable off the grid plot of land that I will be able to build a sizable compound on please email me.


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