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Today is traditionally the day when men are supposed to show their love and affection for their women by buying flowers, chocolates and cards, then there is the obligatory dinner, if you have more money to spend, maybe a splurging on a bit of bling for your woman…  All month, the world has been filled with red hearts and cherubim flying around shooting heart shaped arrows, all the commercials on the TV and radio has been trying to make men feel guilty if they do not do the traditional things that are supposed to be done by today to make the woman in their life feel complete.

BLAH I say! I had a discussion with PB today about this very subject, I don’t understand why some women feel so giddy when their man spends half a C note or more on a dozen roses and a box of chocolates, in a week the flowers will be turning brown, the chocolate will be on its way to adding inches where they aren’t wanted, then you have to toss the refuse in the trash. I say, if you are going to spend money like this, why not spend it on something that is really useful?

Honestly, if you are only showing your appreciation to your special partner only one day a year or a few special days a year, then you have problems that a dozen roses and a box of chocolate will not fix.

In part one to this article http://www.www.off-grid.net/2010/07/07/relationship-part-1/, I discussed about improving your relationship with your loved one. This time I’ll discuss living off grid in tight quarters and privacy, or lack of privacy.

PB and I live in a very small cabin, we lovingly refer to it as our sky castle. In the beginning it was one room, 16×16, everything and I do mean everything happened in that one small room. It was our bedroom, our kitchen, our dining room, our office and our bathroom. There was no real privacy going on in there, that meant everything that one of us did, the other one could see it. That included using the toilet, we have a Joseph Jenkins Humanure style toilet, completely portable and also completely visible.

So ladies, how comfortable are you with using the toilet in front of your man? I know for me it’s not a problem now, but the first few years we were together, I was toilet shy, I preferred a closed door between what I was doing and my man. For you guys, I have found that most guys are not shy about bodily functions in front of your mate, but for us women, it tends to be a different story.

For the ladies, if you are planning on moving to a remote off grid place, you might have to get used to doing more things, more private things in front of your mate, I think you’ll find that your man will not care about noises and odors as much as you think they will. I have to say that now, I have no problem pulling our humanure toilet out and placing it next to the wood stove and doing my business while carrying on a conversation with PB in the same room, right now it’s cold anywhere but next to the wood stove so I’d rather be there and warm than in the next room freezing but with more privacy. It’s all a matter of getting used to your partner and not being embarrassed about normal, natural things we all do. Isn’t this quite the Valentine subject??? LOL!

There are lots of ways of giving privacy without having to leave the room, one major way is to not look over at your partner when they are doing something that is normally done in private. Giving your partner some alone time is also a good thing. That’s one thing that PB does for me quite often, he is outside working on things, or at the neighbor’s house, giving me the “me time” I need to do whatever I want or need to do. Since I’m gone from the house 4 or more days a week for several house a day, he has plenty of “me time” alone in the sky castle. For us this works perfectly, you will have to figure out what works best for you and your mate.

valI mentioned earlier that flowers and chocolates don’t do it for me, so what thrills me instead? I have to say my PB built the sky castle for us, this week he has been working on a new set of shelves for the dishes, a few months ago I was wanting a proper couch to sit on, so he built one for me. Those are the things that thrill me to no end and give me a Valentines feeling everyday. Oh and lest I forget, he drew a personalized Valentine’s card for me and put it on my laptop, that meant more to me than any commercial card he could have spent money on. :)



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