Been years…..and I do mean years in the works…but by next summer I will be making the move off-grid!

I have 160 acres of land in NV and 20 acres in CO. All is open, vacant, and paid for. I am looking for others who want to truly discover freedom and peace by letting go of the hold this race has on you, and surrender inside to a pathway to peace.

First, I need someone with very keen legal expertise to get this locked down and non profit. Also some help in the area of marketing (presence awareness), organizing donations and fund raising ideas, bookkeeping, and of course all with the tools and skills to help manifest this dream into existence.

I want to create an open community based on everyone working towards the benefit of all. Equality is a nice step towards Oneness.

Contact me if this feels like your calling.

Thank you and be blessed!


My name is John….email

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2 Responses to “Rebirth of an Off-Grid Dream!”

  1. John

    This is John….the one who posted this ‘Rebirth’ over 4 years ago. I am here to give an honest account that I have not been successful in gathering the group of people necessary to facilitate this move. I have created a nonprofit organization a few years ago, but lack the funding and resources to make this a reality. I apologize to all who have contacted me and have not received a reply. I am currently working ‘on-grid’ as I have been since I began this journey. I do not believe that the journey has ended; it’s just not where I thought it would be at this point. I do not want to give anyone the wrong impression about this, which is why I am replying to my own post. I thank all who who have inquired and shown interest, but due to zoning regulations and time limits…funding is a necessity to get this project to a point where it is sustainable and able to grow. When things begin to look like this is really going to happen, I do have the contact information for all who have shown interest, and I will update you via email. If there is someone who has the funds, and/or connections that would get this moving forward, please let me know that you are that person if you wish to contact me. I am not asking for handouts, but I do not have the financial requirements to yet make this a reality. God bless all who are on this journey, and may your endeavors be successful and fruitful as I hope that one day mine is also. There is property in NW Nevada near Winnemucca as well as property in the San Luis valley in Colorado. The Nevada property is an easier place to start due to the hostile nature of Costilla county in Colorado. They aren’t very friendly to this cause. Zoning restricts living on any properties until approved housing and septic are on location. Thanks again to all who have expressed interest. Hopefully, I will be posting an update from one of those properties in the future. Peace to you all!

  2. Dovely

    Did you ever get your place set up? Looking to buy land in Colorado shortly. Want to speak to people who have or are trying to go off grid there. email me at