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The movie Nomadland captivated global audiences. It won awards, numerous plaudits, and helped win over people and change attitudes towards a nomadic, off the grid lifestyle. As Oscar-winning actress Frances McDormand said, the movie is a poetic ode to the people on the fringes of American society. It illustrates rather beautifully the appeal of living a life on the road.

It’s a subject which many previous movie-makers might not have wanted to broach, but with Director Chloe Zhao behind it and a cast of excellent actors, including the aforementioned Frances McDormand, what could have been a sensitive or controversial topic for some was told in a perfect way. It certainly came as no surprise to see the movie register such huge success. Alongside sampling entertaining real money casino games, watching Tiger King on Netflix, and listening to the abundance of new music on popular streaming platforms, movies like Nomadland have been a popular entertainment option for people in recent times. In fact, Nomadland left quite an impression on its audience on what is a contemplative masterpiece about this subculture of Americans.

There are so many reasons why Nomadland is well worth watching, but here is a look at just some of them.

Three Oscar wins says it all

First and foremost, any movie that wins three Oscars is probably worth watching. In Nomadland’s case, though, it is a truly unique winner. This is no ordinary film, championing a lifestyle which most of the world knows hardly anything about. A hugely powerful and eye-opening story, it received four Golden Globe nominations, winning ‘Best Motion Picture – Drama’ and ‘Best Director’ for Chloe Zhao, as well as winning the Best Film at the BAFTAs. This all comes alongside a whole host of other accolades plus more which are expected to come the movie’s way at the time of writing. One of the most successful releases in recent times, Nomadland deserves all of the recognition it is currently getting.

Frances McDormand

Frances McDormand’s performance in the movie is truly incredible. The three-time Oscar winner elevates nearly every title she is in, and Nomadland is no exception. Immediately gripping you from the off, her acting in the movie is absolutely spot on. Rarely taken over by emotion and extremely good at putting on a brave face, her character is impossible to dislike. That in itself is a huge achievement by the actress. After watching Nomadland, Frances McDormand being one of only 24 people to win an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Tony Award makes even more sense.

One of the main reasons why Nomadland is such a thought-provoking creation is because it is an entirely true and accurate story. People genuinely live in this way. The movie is based on the 2017 book “Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century” by Jessica Bruder. Focussing on transient lifestyles in America and specifically, people who went looking for alternative living following the Great Recession of 2007-2009 and various economic issues which resulted in homelessness and unemployment, the movie is an accurate depiction following one women’s quite remarkable journey. There is rarely anything more powerful than real-life cinema based on true events, and Nomadland is a perfect example of that.

Beautiful cinematography

Another reason why Nomadland is so popular is down to Chloe Zhao’s remarkable ability at capturing the moment and allowing viewers to truly immerse themselves in the nomadic lifestyle. You almost feel like you’re there, isolated and lonely at times. The Oscar-nominated cinematography exhibits Zhao’s talents perfectly.

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