Hello, my name is Quentin Rockefeller and I am from a small town Gibbon, Nebraska. I graduated high school at Gibbon Public Schools and have been enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln since graduating high school in May 2014. However, my view on life has changed dramatically since being in the very structured environment of society. Which is why I honestly feel like “off-grid” living is the only way someone can fully cherish this beautiful world we live in. My belief on life is fairly simple: “To Simply Be Here Now.” I think everything that society and/or the government says will help improve our life or even be a solution for living life, is solely based on the fear of change and the need to control the human race. Life is too short to follow the rigid and structured path of society. Why does anyone need to tell me how I should live? Life is not that hard. The only thing I need, and the only thing I want, is the freedom to experience the unlimited possibilities that Nature holds, without being labeled as a higher or lower class than what society thinks is “normal”. In reality, in order to survive we need food, water, air, and sleep. However, in society, one is forced to hold a job to be able to pay off bills and one is told that they must get a higher education in order to be successful in life, but who is to tell me that I can’t succeed in life? In my opinion, to succeed in life is to experience the simple, but very powerful, beauties of Nature. To live based off of what you are feeling Now, rather than off of what your role is in society. Nobody should be able to tell you what you should do or what is the “correct” way of living. The moment one agrees with societies ways of living, the moment they are stripped of their natural human rights. Which has been tough for me this last year. I have struggled with trying to find my place in life, and it’s such a relief to finally say, I don’t need to be anywhere in life. Life is life. Life is just an experience to me rather than a title or role in society. When life is structured, it hinders one’s ability to find meaning and purpose in their own unique life journey. These beliefs of mine are solely what I believe and are in no way telling others how they should live their life. 

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One Response to “Ready to move from society to reality!”

  1. Woody

    Quentin, you seem like you have your head on straight. I could use an extra hand this summer on my remote off-grid homestead. Basic carpentry, outdoor plumbing, gardening. We could trade some labor for a place to camp during the warm months & you could check out some off-grid technology w/o making any commitment. This is in northern california.