[before_listing id=314 images= youtube=null] We started it, you can finish it! We have 40 stunning, remote (yet accessible), private acres in the mountains of New Mexico (over 7000 ft high). There are two other families leasing places to be part of this off-grid community and lots more space available for more lessees – AND FOR YOU! We are now offering the entire parcel for sale (with the leases to be honored as part of the sale). No building restrictions, no covenants, etc.. More information at placeofrefuge2012.com, or email us at refuge2012@yahoo.com.[landbuddy_listing id=314 youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “Ready-Made Off-Grid Community Available”

  1. Sovereign Marta

    I am interested in the land lease for the full 40 acres with a lease back to you. With sale price of $25,000. Please advise as to the terms of this deal. Interest, monthly payment and down payment.

  2. Robert

    This sounds interesting. I would like coordinates so I can study the topographical area thoroughly. I like the lease back option.
    I have many talents of use:
    Medical, aeronautical, engineering (structural)
    Extended family has military and educational backgorunds. E-mail me at rvr340@yahoo.com

  3. refuge2012

    Alkaline soil…. peppers and some tomatoes grow well in this soil (that’s why Hatch NM is the pepper capital of the world). However, being located within a huge working cattle ranch, there’s all the free manure you could ever want for soil conditioning ;-)


  4. john cleaver

    what can you grow in alcaline soil? just curious.

  5. refuge2012

    Thanks for your question. If someone buys the whole 40 acres, we would move within the area (it’s the right place) and rebuild. OR There is an option that if someone wanted to buy the 40 acres, but lease us back the 5 or so acres we currently use for our house, etc., we would remain living on the property and the price would be reduced to $25,000. If you’d like, please contact us directly at refuge2012@gmail.com

    Shayna & Dan

  6. Sara

    You seem to have long term plans so where would you go if some one bought the whole 40 acres?

  7. refuge2012

    Gardening/farming here is best done in a greenhouse or with trench gardening. The soil is rather alkaline, which is good for some plants and bad for others. However, being in open-range land, there is all the free manure you would ever need!

    The stone house walls (20 x 24) are about 2-1/2 to 3 feet high. It is rebar-ed and cemented for a foundation.

    The well that is here is about 200 ft deep. I can’t tell you what it produces as we have not yet attached the pump we have, however, I can tell you that it does have water in it. We collect rainwater off our roof, and we have plans to build “water tanks” (ponds) to collect water at our arroyos. Also, as long as the economy holds out, there is a local water delivery service available, 2500 gal. for $200.

    Can I answer any more questions for you? If you’d like to text chat, we can do so on yahoo, gmail or skype. We’re not always online, so if you tell us when you’d like to chat, we’ll be sure to be there. Of course, continued emails are fine, too, to refuge2012@yahoo.com.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Dan & Shayna

  8. Jason Leotis

    Hello. i was wondering if you have farmed any of the land and the reults. Also If i could get some more information on the almost completed home and the well. thank you very much.

  9. refuge2012

    We are located in Catron County NM, northeast of Pie Town. We are 20+ miles from a paved road, but it is still accessible. The elevation is over 7000 ft. Here are the terms for sale …

    40 acres of remote yet accessible land in a stunning surrounding, perfect for a survival retreat. NOT in a subdivision, so there are NO building restrictions, covenants, etc. There are two leases on the land…one for 10 acres (not improved yet), and one on 1 acre for 5 years, with a lovely off-grid house being built. These leases included as part of the sale.


    * 16 X 32 off-grid house, nearly finished,
    * 12 X 12 shed,
    * approx. 1 acre fenced corral, very horse friendly
    * 1/3 completed rock house,
    * well on the property
    * Lots of like minded people in the area
    * ONLY $39,995*
    * Terms Available

    *If you would like to give us back a 99 year lease on the 5 acres that include our house and shed, the price is only $25,000.

    What other questions can I answer for you? Please feel free to contact us directly at refuge2012@yahool.com

  10. don

    Could you post where is this place exactly and how much per acre? are there any buildings or barns or shelters?

    Need to know before looking at it.