[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/2d01618fcfaf9e20cfd89f9b0e0a14f9.jpg youtube=null] We are a family of 6. Gave up our house and sold everything to live in our 5th wheel. We homeschool the kiddos and have been traveling with my husband from job to job while saving to fulfill our dreams of living a truly free life. We both grew up on farms and have taught our children the humble way of living. We are looking for other families or communities who are for the same. We both hunt, fish, garden, can our fruits and veggies, and try our best to be active with our kids in teaching them about self sustaining hands on. Our plan is purchase land here or around Colorado springs. We love it since day one of being here, it’s absolutely beautiful and we are able to grow our own herbal meds. There is lot of game everywhere, and the springs are overflowing. We love all kinds of animals so plan .kn having pets along with animals we raise for organic meat/eggs. A garden year around. Water source on property pared with solar energy. We will live in our rv until we build a house and just adding on as we go. We love building what we need out of what we have. We truly enjoy being all together and my husband leaving every day all day to work so I can stay at home with our kids just does not work for us. I have a medical background and worked up until 2years ago when I was placed on bed rest from my last pregnancy. My husband is currently doing directional drilling but has done it all. Hanging iron, welding, has cdl, structural building, and any handy man work you can think of . We are really hoping to find a community but if not we will continue to work and save for all the necessary necessities. We are trustworthy and hardworking ready and able asap. Laurasrice86@gmail.com if there is anyone out there[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/2d01618fcfaf9e20cfd89f9b0e0a14f9.jpg youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “ready and prepared”

  1. Nicole

    Hey Have you guys found anything yet? I see the post is from a while ago but we have 6 kids and homeschool and have property. Email me if you get this and want to chat we are located in Missouri.

  2. Lisa

    Hello, looking to be off grid (or homesteading) and join others with the same goal. I have a medical background, have taught preschool and have a love of growing things. Wondering if anyone has had any luck in finding a good group?

  3. Bob Setty

    I have to say you have sparked my interests! I am a single 45 yr. old man. I plan to purchase a R.V. this year & would love to live in beautiful Colorado. I am a small business owner here outside of Cincinnati Ohio. I won’t be able to leave Ohio for probably 5 yrs. give or take. It would be great to keep in touch to see how things are going for your family. Who knows, this could work out for all of us!

  4. stadulevich

    would you be will to do an island near the equator? looking to get a small group together to buy an island

  5. Derek

    Mark , sounds like a plan. We have a family who is looking for someplace to settle down and get off grid. Email me at dbible69@gmail.com

  6. Mark summer

    Hi. Am a recently single father whose children getting of age. Have land in southeast ne and although currently have utilities am looking to go back to the basics but would like the companionship of like minded people. Any and all input would be welcome. Mark