I own 60 acres with two streams, a river, over a dozen waterfalls all overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Plus it is a gateway property to 1000’s of acres of goverment land.  The ultimate amazing nature off grid location.

I am looking for a few Eco Pioneers that want to live off grid and help create an organic farm and eco community.    For the first few people I am giving away spots to create a small place to call your own, some restrictions do apply.

Contact me for more info, must be into living sustainably off grid.

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24 Responses to “Rainforest, Waterfalls, Ocean Views Off Grid Land is Awaiting You”

  1. andrew86

    I hope this email finds you well. My name is Andrei and I’m a male in his mid-30s. Currently I’m working, and I would like to join your community, because I’ve always enjoyed being in the nature and I would really like to make this move due to of current situation, which doesn’t look good at all ; escaping the 9-5 rat race and going back to the roots, I think is the best way, like our ancestors they used to live. Currently, I’m living in uk (I’m willing to relocate in a different country). About me, I really enjoy cooking, baking, I have experience in raw vegan cuisine, fixing computers and in my spare time I enjoy reading and working out. Many thanks.

  2. Troy

    Off-Grid Ready??? I am and that’s what I am looking for!

    Hi there, I am currently located in NW Oregon and am searching for a place out of the city that offers a community feel and that could use additional help in prepping for what is to come, someplace safe. I own an F250 p/u, 12′ enclosed trailer which consists of all of my construction/carpentry tools, 34′ 5th-wheel travel trailer (of which I not only live in but plan on living in but not necessary), 9′-6″ Lance camper, and 16′ Avalon boat, all of which is in working order and I use all at different times, all licensed and insured, however, all of which I am currently selling to downsize except for the 5th-wheel, F250, work trailer, and boat. My next concern is my 3 yr. old Aussie, he’s fixed and all shots up to date, and he’s a great dog, very good at patrol and observation and great with livestock/chickens. I am a residential remodeler by trade and have worked for myself since 2008 when things went belly up. I am financially secure and work when I want. I do not do any drugs of any kind, I don’t even smoke pot, if that’s your thing that’s your business, no problem here. I am soon to be 53 yrs. of age and wanting to move on to somewhere I can lay my hat and call home. My Mom just passed away Nov. 11 and she was the last of any family I have, I have no kids, no wife, just me and my Aussie. What is prompting me to relocate is to get out of the city and the fact I no longer have any family ties to this area. I am up for any location away from populations and not so close to cell towers, provided the above situation is ok. Basically, I am looking for a property that will accommodate me, my dog, my rigs, plus hookups for my 5th wheel travel trailer if available but not a must if other housing options are open, hopefully in the proximity of a lake while still in Oregon. Ideally, a place that is not only safe and secure but a place that is serene and stress-free, no drama, too old for that, but that may also offer me the ability to work my stay off as well, I am geared up/tooled up to do any type of construction/repairs/handyman work/security, whatever may be helpful. I am familiar with livestock if that, in fact, is necessary as well. I can also offer the community assort. size generators, assort. portable fuel tanks, solar power system w/ panels, various other solar power supplies as well as solar-powered gadgets (lighting, 7-band weather/news radios, handheld short wave radios, etc.), water purification gear, fire starter tools, survival gear, camping gear, heating equipment, building material for an outhouse or other out-building if needed, food and water supplies, .999 fine silver to make our own “colloidal silver” (natures cure-all), and yes, even the COVID-19, and don’t let us forget security (guns/ammo). If you are up to speed on what is before us and have accepted the fact we can’t rely on our government to take care of us then I may be of help as well and am prepared to close down the business and devote my time/energies/no-how into an off-grid self-sustaining community-environment with you and others, extended family style. Due to the nature of this post and everyone’s privacy in consideration I am only leaving the CL mail reply (recommended) till trust has been established and then we can find alternative communications. Any questions or offers please reply, and thanks for your time. I encourage a criminal background check if in fact, you are serious, no disrespect but I would do the same if I was you. Hope to hear back!!!

  3. Richard W Knight

    If you still need assistance and would be interested in having off the grid help, please feel free to contact me. I am trying to get away from the normal hustle and bustle of life. I prefer simple living, but enjoy working. I have knowledge on repairing and working on things. I have knowledge in plumbing, electrical, and working on other things such as vehicles, some knowledge of motorcycle repair. I’ve worked cattle and live stock growing up,
    Please feel free to call me at 469-652-3807

  4. tarah


    i am wondering if you are still looking to have people join your community. i am interested in getting more information. i have been looking into communities for a little while, and i am excited about starting my new adventure. i would love to be around someone who shares in the same ideas and practices.


  5. Judine Campbell

    I am very interested in living off grid with a community of like minded people. I would love more information regarding this development. Thanks.

    • Lydia

      Hi there,

      I’d very much love to get off grid and am looking for a community of people to start this with or join.

      Would anyone like to discuss??

      Thank you all

      Lots of love,
      Lydia xx

  6. Fallon


    I got your email of the gird website.

    I am 26 years old, and I am looking to live a simple life, and get out of the rat race. I have been researching off the grid life. I am very determined to accomplish this. Any information on how to join you, would be very much appreciated

    I look forward to your reply

    Many Thanks
    Fallon Jerome

  7. Celeste Beukes

    Hi hi… is this offer still open? We would love to connect and look at possibilities to join up and become an actively contributing family to a community like this. We have LOTS of skills and value we can bring, so would love to hear back from you asap.
    (March 2020)

    • Lisa Hicks

      Hello & Salutations!
      My name is Lisa. I am a hardworking single Mother of a 14 year old girl currently residing in Texas. About 4 years ago I went through some “Life Changing” & “eye opening” events that has changed my life & ways of thinking forever. I have taken a step back and as I look around I just no longer care for what I see in the world. Everyone is always in a rush, little time to slow down and enjoy the precious things in life that God has made… those that cost not a dime yet bless us in ways of magnified grace. Mother Earth Has given her care & comfort to us all for millions of years yet the worldly ways we have seemingly chosen are leaving her haggard and blemished. I want to not only help give back & rebuild what was taken from our planet but also to help “repair” & “re-boot” the minds of the masses that do not have the eyes to see nor the ears to hear their truest calling. I was born for this I’m sure of it… & I’ve raised my daughter with the same respects, & appreciation for each & every blessing no matter how great or small. My daughter & I are both extremely HARD WORKING & dedicated… (I have built my own business from the ground up & also have a large background in home construction, repairs, & remodeling. I am a licensed real estate agent in 2 states but currently not practicing. For the past 10 years my child & devote much of our time to gardening, numerous outdoor activities, & the largest portion to assisting those in need as well as animal rescue & rehabilitation. We have thus far successfully re-homed over 800 animals to date with a majority being wildlife rescue, recovery, & preparation for future release back into their natural habitats. I don’t believe in “handouts”, & don’t care for the words “I Can’t”…. As I’ve raised my daughter with this same understanding, & that if you want something bad enough… & if within Gods own structured plan… that through Faith & humble devotion one can do ANYTHING & ALL changing the words from “I can’t” to “I CAN” We want to help bring back the beauty in what so many seemed to have forgotten… & we want to help mend & repair the ”human heart” …. bring others out of the dark masses & back into the light where they can “SEE” once again. I would be most great full if you’d kindly consider us for your offer to live off-grid among ithers who are likeminded. Most of all, please allow us to assist in all things needed in this brighter Brighter & better version of the true “American Dream”.

      Warm regards,
      Lisa L. Hicks
      Sealy TX

      • stefven

        Hi Lisa
        I have read your post twice as it is so inspiring.
        I am looking for people in Europe or better still in Italy to start a community or to join one, but although we cannot help each other, I would like to keep in touch if you like. I am fascinated by your knowledge of medicinal plants btw. If you like text me it email me
        My name is stefania and I currently live in southern Italy

  8. Sherri Faust

    Hi! I would love to join you! It sounds like you are creating a beautiful area to live and work, and a place where you can really see your work come to life if you know what I mean. I am oh so tired of working for corporate America! I am a biologist and I have a professional doctorate. Lots of money spent on education, but I have never really seen results. It’s all been about money. I’d like to join a community that really does the work to make their community a lovely place! If anyone out there has room for me, please call, text, or email me. I am a young 46 year old female (really people think I’m 30 at most), fit, healthy, have loads of experience in many different areas like veterinary medicine (I adore animals), botany, Pharmacy—that’s the doctorate degree, medicine in general, toxicology, I know lots about herbs and vitamins and how they heal, zoology, microbiology, genetics . . Most of what I know helps with diagnosing illness and healing, but also makes me capable of growing food and medicinal plants—things you need when creating a self-sustaining community. I am ready to leave as soon as I sell everything I have next Thursday the 15th of March. I like to be near the ocean, but I’m also open to living in other areas. My email is faustsm@gmail.com and my phone # is 843-860-7057

  9. Dr Dew

    You think like a gamer. Are you part of the resistance? If you’re a gamer I would join. I have a small business that can be ran from the property. Very fun and fulfilling business that drips loot.

  10. Darwin77

    Where are you from ? Why don’t you contact me at maplemech@yahoo.com

  11. PaxVth

    I Would love to be apart of a New Beginning! & a healthier lifestyle!

  12. Preston

    Hello I am very interested in this type of living and would love to be apart and help grow a community in any way possible! Looking forward to future conversations! -P

  13. darwin

    Would like more info on your plans and location,contact me at maplemech@yahoo.com

  14. Harris

    I want to live off-grid but im only 17 :(

  15. kai

    It is actually located in the South Pacific of Costa Rica near the town of Uvita

  16. Lise

    Where is our property situated? In canada or US?

  17. carmella Pierre

    I am looking for a off grid lifestyle change. I am a healthy in shape 50 year old. I have cash put away for this.

  18. Wild Gypsy

    Sent you a message very interested! Into living sustainably have some great skills food forests, lots of ideas and willing to contribute to make it happen. I have a number of others who are looking as well. Would love to know more! Thanks

  19. April Gibbs

    Myself,Husband and 13 year old daughter are looking to live off of the grid. Please contact us!

  20. Hourfern

    Hi I am interested in knowing more about this opportunity. Sent you a PM I have a few others that I am working with that have some amazing skills like building food forests etc. Love to hear from you Thanks

  21. Gen Agustsson

    say no to city and say yes to nature!