I own 60 acres with two streams, a river, over a dozen waterfalls all overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Plus it is a gateway property to 1000’s of acres of goverment land.  The ultimate amazing nature off grid location.

I am looking for a few Eco Pioneers that want to live off grid and help create an organic farm and eco community.    For the first few people I am giving away spots to create a small place to call your own, some restrictions do apply.

Contact me for more info, must be into living sustainably off grid.

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14 Responses to “Rainforest, Waterfalls, Ocean Views Off Grid Land is Awaiting You”

  1. Fallon


    I got your email of the gird website.

    I am 26 years old, and I am looking to live a simple life, and get out of the rat race. I have been researching off the grid life. I am very determined to accomplish this. Any information on how to join you, would be very much appreciated

    I look forward to your reply

    Many Thanks
    Fallon Jerome

  2. Celeste Beukes

    Hi hi… is this offer still open? We would love to connect and look at possibilities to join up and become an actively contributing family to a community like this. We have LOTS of skills and value we can bring, so would love to hear back from you asap.
    (March 2020)

  3. Sherri Faust

    Hi! I would love to join you! It sounds like you are creating a beautiful area to live and work, and a place where you can really see your work come to life if you know what I mean. I am oh so tired of working for corporate America! I am a biologist and I have a professional doctorate. Lots of money spent on education, but I have never really seen results. It’s all been about money. I’d like to join a community that really does the work to make their community a lovely place! If anyone out there has room for me, please call, text, or email me. I am a young 46 year old female (really people think I’m 30 at most), fit, healthy, have loads of experience in many different areas like veterinary medicine (I adore animals), botany, Pharmacy—that’s the doctorate degree, medicine in general, toxicology, I know lots about herbs and vitamins and how they heal, zoology, microbiology, genetics . . Most of what I know helps with diagnosing illness and healing, but also makes me capable of growing food and medicinal plants—things you need when creating a self-sustaining community. I am ready to leave as soon as I sell everything I have next Thursday the 15th of March. I like to be near the ocean, but I’m also open to living in other areas. My email is faustsm@gmail.com and my phone # is 843-860-7057

  4. Dr Dew

    You think like a gamer. Are you part of the resistance? If you’re a gamer I would join. I have a small business that can be ran from the property. Very fun and fulfilling business that drips loot.

  5. Darwin77

    Where are you from ? Why don’t you contact me at maplemech@yahoo.com

  6. PaxVth

    I Would love to be apart of a New Beginning! & a healthier lifestyle!

  7. Preston

    Hello I am very interested in this type of living and would love to be apart and help grow a community in any way possible! Looking forward to future conversations! -P

  8. Harris

    I want to live off-grid but im only 17 :(

  9. kai

    It is actually located in the South Pacific of Costa Rica near the town of Uvita

  10. Lise

    Where is our property situated? In canada or US?

  11. carmella Pierre

    I am looking for a off grid lifestyle change. I am a healthy in shape 50 year old. I have cash put away for this.

  12. Wild Gypsy

    Sent you a message very interested! Into living sustainably have some great skills food forests, lots of ideas and willing to contribute to make it happen. I have a number of others who are looking as well. Would love to know more! Thanks

  13. April Gibbs

    Myself,Husband and 13 year old daughter are looking to live off of the grid. Please contact us!

  14. Gen Agustsson

    say no to city and say yes to nature!