Living more frugally can mean growing your own food, that can include more than just plants, it can mean meat. Many people who live in more rural areas grow chickens for eggs and meat, it’s just as easy to grow rabbits, this is something that has appealed to me ever since I moved off grid, I would have no problems eating them, but it would be difficult, at least in the beginning, to dispatch one, I’m sure after it’s dead I would be able to skin it, gut it and prepare it… I did see a video of a man who invented a method of humanly dispatching the rabbit, here is the video

It appears easy and quick, but it’s still would not easy (for me), at least not in the beginning…

I found another video, actually it’s 3 videos about how to dispatch and clean a rabbit, this looks more doable for me.

Of course if you have a willing friend, you can have your friend dispatch and clean your rabbits for half the meat, that means you lose 50% of your meat, so in reality it’s best to be able to do it yourself.

I’ll do more research on what breeds are best, and how to tan the hides, with the fur and without the fur.

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