Off grid location in Central Portugal, 4 water wells, and close to the mountain range Serra Estrella.

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11 Responses to “Quinta en Portugal”

  1. daspfromspace

    I am wondering if you guys are still accepting news folks? Would love to learn more about your place!
    I am Portuguese and would happily share info.

  2. Lauren

    Hi there! I’m looking for a community to join or to help form a community. I’d love to hear the details. Also anyone interested in connecting contact me, Thanks!!!

  3. Liliana

    Hi, could you send me some more info?
    I know portuguese so it can be in portuguese, no problem!

  4. Linds

    Hi, quite amazing to see your post, boyfriend and I are very possibly moving to Portugal, to a very off-grid place very near you (closer to Seia) in 2 weeks to a month’s time. We have never lived off grid before! So we are doing some major research on what we may need to invest in, and whether we can buy/make these things in Portugal, or whether we need to bring anything from UK (our current destination).
    Would be great to talk with you.

  5. Helder

    i im portuguese want to go offgrid too, but first want too no more about this can you help me please ?

  6. Mark

    I’m very interested. I had my own permaculture organic farm near findhorn for a few years and now work in renewable energy but want to escape the hamster wheel… Can you get in touch please?

    Mark x

  7. Suzanne

    hi guys, I am interested to know more about this location as well. I can be contacted at

  8. steven spencer

    id love to have contact details for the portugese community too please

  9. Kristin

    I’m looking to go off grid and am very interested in going off grid abroad. Portugal is of particular interest to me as I know some basic portuguese and have spent time studying the country. Would you mind contacting me with more information about the location and community in Central Portugal? Any and all information is appreciated. Please email me at: athens @ live (dot) unc (dot) edu

  10. charlie


  11. Chris

    Can you send an email to me at chris threesixtyprojects dot org ? :)