[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/c0fd558d39231c7fbcf781b78b1f58b3.jpg youtube=null] I’m looking at some land and trying some crowd funding, does not hurt to try! So if that does or does not pan out I’m still game for living off grid.
I’m 47, single, currently somewhat disabled. I’m at at slower pace, I have to compensate, take my time, plan ahead on projects into tasks and do what I can. Career wise I was auto mechanic than went into wood working for awhile and then been a welder fitter for the last 15 years.

When we were going up we use to be at a trailer park in the summer, so modular living, community I’m use too.
I’m really liking the permaculture aspect, I have tools and some equipment I have a truck trailer small gas welder, a tig welder Part of a boat generator I want to use for power with wind or water.
Right now I’m digging up all the reading material at the different designs for dry toilets, cabins, soil and crop testing, rocket stoves, water wheels wind mills, worms composting, well digging, variety of stuff.

I’m a spiritual person – permacultre fits like a glove, I enjoy making stuff out of recycling stuff modifying and fixing stuff.[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/c0fd558d39231c7fbcf781b78b1f58b3.jpg youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “Project Northern Rocket”

  1. cigg johnson

    Ok Well many years later still not off grid, Off grid for most Canadians is taboo unrealized, people enjoy there comforts too much, they so use to subarea, that is what were groomed for in our society. I think I will have to wait for Nibiru’s after math the cleansing aspect of what was than form a community of survivors if there are any. Than you can settle down on what land you choose as the spot you picked out maybe not ideal afterwards as your dealing with 300 to 700 mph winds during a crustal pole shift which might include crustal plates breakage, the wind alone humans really can only manage 100 mph winds outside that is pushing it being able just to stand and walk and not overly far. You diffidently don’t want to be out in 300 MPH winds basically world wide, houses and most building are going to sheered off there foundations consecutively the debris from that is going to hit everything. That is just wind factor, never mind anything else, surviving that is a 50% of a 50% for every decision choice you make after that point. This the reason choice for getting off grid early one to to make store-able preps the other is for building a small bunker just beneath the ground and you get a head start at your skills. Really your still only hedge betting at 50% you have to be in your bunker before the SHTF that again is another 50% that nothing comes inside your bunker and wipes you out. Than you hours and days of fall out debris that could extend into low orbit of space? People are wanting to leave the grid for tomorrow in continuance of there society and grid they just want the country setting lifestyle. Millions will die within minutes of a global wind factors including the off girders who never prepared for it.

    Going back into history who are the survivors, there are small mentions of simple statements there are no novels of what was endured in the aftermath the continuance of society, they had to restart from ‘0″ from starch all over again. even today we find things that are buried and only crumbs and clues as to what occurred. After this point it is a blank of history, the death of continuance. We are even more prone to this death of continuance as we start from scratch with no experiences of what came before. Right now year or less to prepare, time is not on your side!

  2. Martha

    I am near Toronto, and researching heavily about moving off grid. Would prefer a group effort! Are there people still interested these days? Meet and greet?

  3. Ronia Michael


    I am very interested in finding out more. I am a young 52 year old woman who is interested in living off of the grid. I have organic gardening experience, knitting, sewing, and can learn just about anything. How do we connect to chat more about your project and getting involved.

  4. Terry

    Is this in an incorporated township or unincorporated township?

  5. Ryan

    Hey there,

    I am very close to your area basically a neighbor. I moved here from the states, and would love to connect with you and work on some projects! Feel free to get in touch anytime.

  6. jeremy

    wondering how u are making out. i am in the same boat. looking to do the same thing right now i a gather reaserch. kids all grown time to enjoy life and the outdoors need to be more than a hobby.

  7. rodney

    Yes northern Ontario Elk Lake and New Liskeard, about 1 ½ hours, (226 kms), from the City of North Bay. Have fun!

  8. Kathi

    Hi Cigg.

    Where is this 280 acres you’re looking at? Canada, U.S., “over the pond”?

    I’m intrigued by this crowd sourcing idea you have going. I’m not in a place right now that I can see the links you posted, but when I get back to the States next week I’ll check them out. I’m really interested in this idea of crowd sourcing an off-grid situation. I’ve looked into other alternative funding sources but hadn’t even considered this.

    For now let’s just say that the place I’ll be going to when I get back “home” is not where I want to be, and my dream is to get to 100+ acres where I can live independently and self-sufficiently without a lot of outside influence (neighbors or otherwise ~ not that I’m opposed to community, it’s just that I’m a pretty private person with a strong need for solitude).

    I’d like the chance to talk about this with you some more. I don’t know why but your post has me interested and intrigued with your idea.

    In any case, hope you make it and best of luck with your crowd sourcing efforts!

  9. cigg johnson

    yes I will be seeking others who also want to go off grid as the land I’m looking at is 280 acres it should support quite a few people, lakes and streams 5 minutes away, hunting & fishing for some. Looking after livestock, gardening composting, all kinds of new and wonderful things to try your hand at, innovation imagination can go a long way.
    I know there others out there who are tired of the concept idea and current time line we live in, or can barely support themselves and family to just barley to make ends meet and buy some some decent food to put on the table.
    It’s a fresh start from scratch build every by hand
    I’ll be content to see people sustaining themselves and community values, The other purpose is also provide others with our surplus in sharing the abundance of good foods, there are also a variety of new hobbies that could turn into workshops teaching education, one of my interests is black smiting which could in turn be enjoyable for some willing to give it a try, something new and different, as well crafts, arts, recreation of hiking trails, snow shoeing, cross country skiing .
    started a form, have to try and make a video production for the crowd funding, you could put your self on u-tube show others. https://www.csicatalyst.org/ crowd funding group
    Also another one here as well https://www.linkedin.com/e/yif9h9-hi3dj826-1f/vgh/5069947/eml-grp-sub/?hs=false&tok=2s_bd26yxwPRM1

    What are going to lose in sustaining your self?