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Hi friends,

My name is Ivan, I’m 27 years old and I’m preparing to go off grid in approximately two years. I know it sounds like a long time, but that’s what I need to do and what I’m planning for so I can be prepared to do off grid!

That includes buying the essentials for power and preparing oils, food, and as much commodities as I can afford.

What I’m trying to do with this short message is to find people to maybe join me and prepare together, divide tasks and learn as much as I can! I’m also thinking of making small trips to reach people who are already off grid in British Columbia to know them and, see what are they struggling with and what they are doing great, so I can implement it in my future new home!

Leave a message if you are interested, would like to teach me any skill or recommend any book!

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6 Responses to “Preparing to go off grid in the middle of British Columbia”

  1. Vanessa

    Hey, I am a 21 year old medical student. I am planning to try going off grid in approx. 5 years if all goes well enough. If assigned a topic to research upon, I could maybe contribute to your pool of knowledge. No experience in homesteading otherwise. Email adress: sqaurehexaflexagon@gmail.com

  2. Dane

    I’m also looking at getting a homestead setup somewhere in the thompson/cariboo area, been looking towards 100 mile because price of land seems to be best. Hopefully within the next year or two as well, shoot me a msg if you would like to talk, I’m 44 with a wife and son.

  3. parallexmike

    Do a little research and let me know if you would consider Graham Island, British Columbia, Canada. If so we should talk.

    • keith townsend

      {sorrygaming email} keith townsend, northeast bc/homesteding is the dream,after 1st attemp solo/and prepping for most expected problomes,,lol i had 85%of my stuff stolen ,while out doing other chores and or sleeping,thankfully no firearms,vehicles, just genset,solar pannels,planed lumber from amish sawmill,{huderite/meninite}lol, also have chain,saws,hand saws,miles a rope,haywire,tarps,and any tin etc i could get from construction waste bin,,thats just beging,seeds,and air tight storage bin for ,people/dog food,etc,bears have been bad theese last few years ,mainly cause they probably dont like all the smoke etc,if youre going way up in back country,a sleddge with plastic skis and floats for rivers a great idea,live stock?feed bins,? have a few ideas on water gen set ,on old car parts etc,and some ideas on simple ways to curb,too many cheifs and not enough indians, please pardon the phraseing, meteis myself,meant as a joke,and a lesson!also may want to consider early warning/trail cam to notify of possible poachers etc?i worked as a slasher in the seismic industry for a good 18 years,all winter,lanscaper,owner op, summer,/ carpentry skills,and can fix just about anything that takes gas ,and deisel pumps,etc.no schooling just exp,and as a bonus i have taken basic medic and at one time was equivelent training as amt today,willing to bring some knoledge,and easy solutions on the fly,i like the idea and prospect of making a small comunity,? how many are you takin,and what asurrances can you make that after 2yrs and stock piling,well just about anythingx2-3,depending on har far youre moving this stuff,and if your permits permit safe storage for comunity belonging,sorta like a bank .only storage for peoples over flow possesions, last but not leaast? and its a touchy subject,,is this any sort of religon,and if so wich?some peoples beleifs are difrent from others,or will that be issue,also may want to consider a comunity firearms locker,teach all people comming how to safley use,etc ,,as well as other things that when some one is acting strange or rashly,due to hardships etc,they dont want to , well hurt some one by mistake,,, i tryed soloing fresh outa bypass surgrey,lol doc said cant lift over 30 lbs ,any more,life long,,tha was 4 yrs ago,almost 100 now:} and found that some things require brains not braun,lol,also sanitation, running water,wells? what kinda structures can you build,and im married,no we dont share,but we do work well together,in this case comunity wise,have too small children,just not with me at this time yet:{ long story,if youd like to hear it,,with frequent trips to town,or unatended for few mins,1-5min 1 hr, ,people will steal/break,destroy,and bears to,more people more chances of atracting one,are you pre screening on comments or physicly meeting,can we meet others before agreeing,etc, some kids dont playn well together,lol any way i would love to come along for the adventure of my dreams, northeast bc outdoor,hillneck-backyard mech,with a passion to be realy free,and help others to do the same,have some local ranchers that have offered a few animals as trade for well security and pest control when i had my acredge done,started a tree house:} 30 – 20 10 feet off grnd, have a wood stove, know how to build stoneage forge from the earth and easy bellow/simulator. to get melting raw ores,just need a set of molds,that is a crucial item,takes awhile to fix some items but its verry handy,,also have some 500 gallon water storage/45 gallon sealable{metal;.plastic} drums that are cheap,, have probably evrything and then some to start now,are you building cabins? if things go well upon face to face meetings,agreed handshake ,peeling and cureing said logs takes two years,also comunity is kinda vauge? like are you seeking investors? or farmhand types,or like equal rights nto property,and some sorta failsafe default title /grants. on that note getting gov reasearch grants for wild life studies is great way to earn money to accomadate alota other issues later,such as pipelines plowing thru etc? and as a life long bc resident i do smoke pot,no it does not affect my work,but it does make people a lil less grouchy in some situations,i prefer to share with others,but would i be able to grow moderate amount,gov permits if needed for persanol , this question will be asked alot,be care full,some idiots may think youre growing alot,robery etc,i myself if allowed well,that will depend on if you anser me back. im currious where you chose, i started 15 years ago seeking suiteable homestaed from scratch,on the edge of bear hole lake,by toms lake lake bc, no pacey does not live their,lol joke for the peps around 40ish,also traps for fur, i have around 25 that werent stolen,and usable,small leg traps for marmont/weasel family,i am interested? but have a few concerns,also id like to meet evry one before hand.or offer recruits as i have ssome exelent outdoorsy family orientated contacts who live off grid, any thoughts on emergeny transportation out ina hurry,such asm helipad,cleared sqaure,50 meters any direction of rotatrs close to main erea,or in middle if spread out,may want to think of ways to work out persanol greivences,as a comunity,or is it gonna be my way or the highway,!my land get off sorta thing, i offered my plot to sevral relatives etc,to basicly help.instead what we got was robbed and looted! by alot of said freinds and or family,deliberate destruction of property,etc,,then theirs hunters atv off road enthusists,also law enforcement,what are youre plans their, if you truly want help my freind, this is the resume to,at verry least be a starter to gather like mionded people as youreself,non drinker,bit of a pot head,but i work hard,enjoy teaching others the bush craft ,and hunting,can survive solo for long periods,with almost nothing,:}and no money, if i hear back from you,? thanks for considering us,if not ill stick to scabbing my dream together,lol my new joke ,scabin,,not cabin. youll need guys like me, easyn to work with,easier to work together,share ideas etc, may this adventure of a life time be a success to all who try,and even if im not selected,gl to who ever comes along, just do me fav, read carefully ! and ask youre self if you have the mettle,courage,determenation,its not easy,but it is verryn satisfying,and it can rekindle a giant flame of hope,that others will do the same,,saftey in numbers,and a lil bit of knoledge,but mostly comunication skills and genral feeling of eqaul treatment/share. kinda must for anybody doing this kinda adventure i would think,have a pop figure ,or set # of peps ,are you working the land,loggimng farming,trapping,raising giraffess etc,, yourer ad is verry vauge,if youre serious about others coming to join, how does evry one meet face to face ,when, where is it,etc, anyway its 4 am,and ive deleted much more then whats actualy here,srry for bad spelling,time for bed,northeast outdoorliving guy, overn out

    • keith townsend

      after the earthqaukes etc,and pacific ring of fire,cascadia fault,mtst helen trifecta eol thats over due , as long as youre norther parts and eastern side of mountains in b.c, might survive the tsunamis and devestation, if that trifeca of natural disaster goes as the experts keeep suggesting, pref some where high up with water, and wood,love the coastal ereas ,just not into the whole trapped on that side,or island, just saying,,lol prob shoulda looked on map, but, guessing on van island?grahmm.? any serious people considering joining,like myself, or into helping others like all humans should be,lol,, ya right,, most people wont or want to get the perks of the free living and do nothing,if its a legit eqaul rights for all involved, and evry one grows doubble what each household needs, their will never be any hard ships,in that regard, sure most people have been hunting fishing etc, or should have, its a veerry hard begining,but only if you let it, mind set is key,also reconizing people that are on breaking mentaly,or physicly,how to deal with them safely for all, im sure the navy seal gentle man can attest to that as well,volunteer caf here, its no picnic when freinds and comrades have some sort of angry and life endagering momenmts,it affects evry one,mentaly physicly,emotionaly,,i for one can handle prerssuere in emegencys,cuts,injurys,wild animals etc,i prefer to stay nuetral, but if some one poses a threat, for any reason,a non violent solution,and any way to defuse those kinda actions ,while no outside help, its nice to be secure about how those kinds of events would be handled as a comunity, cause their will be a time when it happens not if,,,when,, just offering a few suggestions to curb alota of non productive arguments/days/enda dream,, you work hard for it plan all you want,,but life has a way of making tasks like this for some,well its not a subject i want to get into by all means,, bety it is neccesary,,and for any people that are accepted it should be prior to and always during as a comunity in this case, like the spartans, the man on the left phalanx protects the man beside him/or her,, but some people no matter how strong they appear,, this life has a way to break spirits.and people snap…alot…just saying from past exp,,not evry one thinks the same,or reacts the same in alota situatioms,or understand the complexity of the need to work as a team,and help each other build,plant,hunt,and learn/teach,i for one am willing tom teach and learn,vause you learn some thing evry day,,if you listen to others,and work together, theese are my concerns and thoughts, also have reservations about say some one running from law/dangerous people/crazy stalkers etc,, evry has a past,some have only had a silver spoon and no clue jhow to do any of it,some just want to string along their pi[pedreams,and will never show,,2 years my freind,,thats not along time to stock pile,it is and isnt,,you should factor theifs, and emergeny trans and fuel,,,at all times,and have some one sercureing property at all times, went for water at the well 5 mins away,, came around corner to 2 guys on qaud snooping around my camp,, pried door off ,,said like that when they rolled up{ afterward i realized they stole gas,and chain,and a pulley,plus some planed lumber,, yep hunters needed to tree their moose for night
      expect ,accidents and thefts,, dont get caught,like we did solo…its a big hit to starting out,,:{} saftey is my # concern for any body attemping to do any solo offgrid,orcomunity, living,especaily where familys with small kids etc are concerned, i think alot about the bad issues that can happen,,,hoping all the while to never need to use emerg plan in any way,,just human nature, is all im saying, not to many people survive 1 week in warm forest,,how they gonna handle it,,aren you prepared to carry some one who misinformed you,/lied about their skill sets, abilitys