[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi everyone, I am so happy to be here.I live in different part of the world( Central Asian country). Where electricity, gas and gasolin( 1100 liters per year for one car) is free. If I start sharing about my dream to live off grid, people will not understand me. Therefore this website is very useful for me, for communication with like -minded people.
Let me tell little about myself.I am spiritual person- I’ve read a lot of esoteric books over the past 10 years. I learnt meditation, yoga, radiation love, mantra techniques for achieving inner peace and happiness. I built good career, I have one of the best jobs in the country. I am single, have a wonderful teenage daughter, who has been practicing mantras with me since she was 4 years old. I am happy person and I value every moment of my life. Lately I enjoy painting; I paint in Vedic Art style, I learnt it in India. One of my other hobbies is designing furniture (decoupage techniques). I am also interested in couching.
I love travelling and meeting like minded people. During my trips I learnt cooking different type of food.
I love cooking, but lately mostly focused on healthy food.
I started learning permaculture, sustainable development methods. I’ve read about eco-settlements, where people live in eco-friendly environment and connected to each other with a great idea of living off- grid. I would love to accomplish that, with like- minded people who care about nature, develop themselves spiritually and artistically. I am happy to be here, and hope to find a lot of friends and guidance for my transition. Good luck to everyone.
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7 Responses to “Preparation for a big transition”

  1. Yonathan Kassahun

    Hello, my name is Yonathan i am 23 years old and i live in Ethiopia, East Africa. I love the idea of off grid living and contributing to the healing mother nature from the disaster we humans are causing due to excess waste, i love nature, i enjoy being outdoors and practice meditation. People in my country wont understand off grid living and green living because not getting an education is a problem in Ethiopia. I would love to join you in living off the grid and do my part.

  2. Guncha

    Bob, my country consist of mostly desert too. When I was a teenager we lived in small settlement, our house was the last one in settlement after our house it was all desert I understand what you are saying about restoration of peace. Hoveawer it is not easy conditions to live, how you survave in summers? Here we have high temperature from 45-50 Grad degree in summers. How you produce your food? Water is the biggest problem in desert. Or you jsut stay there and buy all your supplies from stores? For me my wish to go off grid, mostly related to my dream to became self-sustainable. I am learning permaculture now, and like this more amd more, I think planting trees, growing veg-s, herbs, is amazing. In my country we have some areas where people have theis farms, but it because of nature conditions farming is difficult. I thoght about looking for different place then to live in desert.

  3. Goo Goo Ga Ga

    The most important thing people can do is Go Off The Grid. it is your duty to do so. Why? Because the collective sacrifice of a large number of people is equivalent to the increase in people power to overtake the government. If only a minority went off the grid, then government would keep trying to shut us down. But if an overwhelming number of people did it, then the government can’t do a damn thing. Strength in numbers. We MUST go off the grid. And we must do it in a well defined way. That is, sustain ourselves. Show others that you do not need to depend on anyone but your fellow man to survive. We help ourselves and each other. But we run off the “officials” with our shot guns.

    Do me a favor. Go to Google Books and spend some time reading old farm journals from the 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s. You will be very surprised to find out just how way of life was fine until the greedy businesses came in and tried to sell useless technology to dupe the people. They didn’t budge all that much. So the government purposely made it hard to farmers to survive by making them move to town. The rest is history. Now its high time to reverse it.

  4. Bob

    Hello GUNCA, All,

    My off-grid experience is motivated by a desire to return to the spiritual roots of my youth. As a young child I had the unique opportunity of walking the desert floor of southern California.

    It is in simplicity we meet the true complexity of the Creator. I found that the discovery of electricity was one of the greatest prisons men have erected; I chose to free myself from this net where men willfully ensnare themselves and die a slow painful death as they spend more and more of their earnings on energy and fuel.

    Here in America we are watching as resources dwindle and the State, Federal & Local Governments use all means possible to survive. This usually means taxing, taxing more, and then taxing even more.

    I would much rather be setting in the middle of my desert home watching the smoke of the cities burning in the distance than remain in the midst and be used as part of the fuel for the coming fire.

    I bought a small motorhome and small generator and now travel across BLM land in the California, Arizona, etc. deserts where I live for free. I do not yet have solar but look forward to that day.

    I spend my days in spiritual exercises and communion with my God. I am also writing a book that I will pass on to others at no cost.

    As all that have removed themselves from the city, I too can verify that one of the very first fruits of doing so is the restoration of the peace we had once so easily forsaken to live along side others in the electric prison.

  5. Guncha

    Hi Brooks I did not write my email. here it is guncha2888@gmail.com.
    I would apreciate any useful info you will share.
    I am in the beginning of th eay. I am learing online premaculture.
    I found WOF website, for orgonizing internship( Mostly interested in eco- villages in NZ).
    What would you do differently if you would start all over again? How to choose place? What skills you would learn? How much savings you would prefer to have before doing a transition.
    How would you choose community?
    What about kids? ( I have a teenage daughter).What is the best way for schooling?
    Thank you so much in advance, Guncha

  6. Guncha

    Sure, that’s way I am here. Thanks for your offer Brooks.

  7. Brooks Duvall

    Would like to know all that I can about this.