I live off the grid here in Texas, and am planning to move to Malta and was doing some research online. I was talking to the owner of sothebys the other day and he said that going off grid in some places in Europe is hard because it does not rain a lot so the water reservoir will not be enough for the whole 5 months. 

Apparently, it does not rain for like 4 or 5 months there. I am planning to purchase a house and install solar panels, which will definitely work there because there’s like 300+ days of summer. 

Will do some more research and see what other options I have. 

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One Response to “Is it possible to go off grid in Europe Malta”

  1. Eilish McVey

    Hello Jordan,

    My name is Eilish, and I am a masters student studying design strategy in Toronto Canada. I am currently working on a project surrounding home energy storage.

    I was wondering if there would ever be a time that we could chat about your interest and experience in off grid living. I am currently in the research phase of the project and I am gathering insight on how those interested in off-grid living think about energy use.