Hello, we are a couple with 20 ha of land in the heart of Portugal. Our project of a permaculture farm and community has started right now. We are looking for participiants of any age to divide our live and working on the countryside. We are starting from scratch and there are lots of possibilities for new members to realize ideas, projects and dreams.


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17 Responses to “Portugal Community Seeking Participation”

  1. Paul

    Hi, I am looking at buying land in central Portugal and doing the same thing right now, but may be interested in joining/buying in to an established community if you are still looking for members. At the very least I would be interested to hear how you are all getting on and find out a bit more about your project. It’s always interesting and informative to hear from other likeminded people. Hope all is going well :)

  2. Roel Kerpel

    Hey! how are things?
    I’m really motivated for someting lie this and i’m super useful. Not sure where and with who though, so I would love to come and visit soon, and see your piece of paradise ;)



  3. Frederike

    Hey! I’m looking for a place in oktober and november to life off-grid. Your project sounds good, please let me know if I can help you in these months :)

  4. Marco, Lili and Danny

    Hi, we’re a family of 3 currently living in Wales but originaly from Portugal and Brazil. We would love to come visit and help out.

  5. Jimmy love.

    Hey,nice to hear someone is doing it.
    I have alot of experience in this area….however I don’t have time to come now but I would give you any advice. Im currently doing my own project in east germany….very cold just now. I lived in pt for 4 yrs and travelled and helped with various projects. Im also trying to contact some friends in portimao called steffi and phillip.they are either austrian/German or Swiss. I lost my contacts. Both will probably have very nice well cared for dreadlocks.good luck.

  6. dirk

    If this opportunity still exists please get in touch. I can also invest.

  7. NomadicWolf

    Hi, do you still need members?

  8. Rui Pinto

    Hi ; how can i get hold of you? My e-mail is: pintorui57@gmail.com

  9. Jeroen


    my name is Jeroen and I live in Belgium. I am already looking a few months to go off-grid in Portugal. My plan is to live in a yurt and to be as self sufficient as possible. I am easy going and I am used to live in a cummuntity as I lived a year in an ashram in India some time ago.
    the good news is I have a little money that I can use for the community.
    I am looking forward to your reply
    I can also come over to meet in person.

    best regards

  10. Lancashire_Lass

    Hi we are a small family (me + partner + 5y/o boy) looking to take on some new adventures and help out anyway we can. We are both artists and have many practical skills between us. Both power-tool proficient and have experience of permaculture. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

  11. Robbo

    I am looking to leave the ‘usual way of life’ for an experience of how life would have been more naturally. Living and working with the land and nature.
    I’m independent and love to just get on with work outdoors. I’m not qualified but I love gardening and looking after plants and people in a loving mannor. I have recently built a sensory garden at work almost by myself and the plants are thriving. I dug a 2 ft pond on my own and have successfully established Oregano plants in the cold, damp and frosty land on a hill in west Yorkshire on England!
    Also, I am a spiritual person who is on a quest to let go of egotistical habits which is difficult in socity. Going off grid sharing in a sort of commune environment would be perfect for spiritual growth as all you do would be to benefit the group.
    Here is my email :


    Kayleigh Robinson

  12. IowerthMwynfawr

    Hi just read your page, sounds excellent, a good area of land with lots of potential, I’ve been looking for somewhere like this for a while and would love to come and stay/live in return for as much help as I could give, I am looking to live as a part of nature using permaculture principles.

    would be great to hear back from you, I hope it’s going well, take care!

  13. Manu

    Hey guys! Would love to get in touch with you! You offer what I’m looking for. Please send me an email and let’s talk about everything. Have a nice time! Cheers

  14. Jamie

    Too cold. Not sustainable. Only Algarve (PT) and Andalucia (ES) are livable all year round, with the ability to grow food without having to can/freeze/…

  15. jaygee13

    Hi exactly what I am looking for. Struggling to cope in this crazy world. Somewhere where I could make a positive contribution in return for a hassle free place to lay my head is all I really need from life. Get ack to me please and who knows could be the start of the rest of our lives

    • Josef

      Hi jagee13,

      sorry for the delay. Got flu and be still ill.
      You´re always welcome to stay with us as long as you like.


  16. Jamie

    Hello! I am looking to move off grid in Portugal ASAP, I would love to help you out as a practice run for my future, please give me an email!