Hello, we are a couple with 20 ha of land in the heart of Portugal. Our project of a permaculture farm and community has started right now. We are looking for participiants of any age to divide our live and working on the countryside. We are starting from scratch and there are lots of possibilities for new members to realize ideas, projects and dreams.


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4 Responses to “Portugal Community Seeking Participation”

  1. Jamie

    Too cold. Not sustainable. Only Algarve (PT) and Andalucia (ES) are livable all year round, with the ability to grow food without having to can/freeze/…

  2. jaygee13

    Hi exactly what I am looking for. Struggling to cope in this crazy world. Somewhere where I could make a positive contribution in return for a hassle free place to lay my head is all I really need from life. Get ack to me please and who knows could be the start of the rest of our lives

    • Josef

      Hi jagee13,

      sorry for the delay. Got flu and be still ill.
      You´re always welcome to stay with us as long as you like.


  3. Jamie

    Hello! I am looking to move off grid in Portugal ASAP, I would love to help you out as a practice run for my future, please give me an email!


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