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Plenty of real houses too

Keliy Anderson-Staley was raised off the grid in Maine. Now 33 she went back to her roots to take a series of  photos of an off-grid Maine community. “I am aware of being an insider and an outsider,” says Anderson-Staley of her work in what is not a commune, simply an area where many live off the grid because there is no grid. “I don’t want to over-romaticise this way of life.”

The beautiful, intimate portraits were featured by Ahorn magazine, and the two dozen photos range from a father and baby, through an elderly couple, to the depiction of living quarters at the top of this story.(The web site is a bit over-designed, and you need to scroll across to find the photos).
Anderson-Staley sees the pictures as “part of a discussion about how we live and the way our lives impact the broader world.”

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