[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/ad7e0d36a48160393232e10597655187.jpg youtube=null] Ohio land isn’t cheap. If we get a group of folks with a few thousand each we can start something. Vegan couple 45 and 55 with 4 grandkids 6, 8, 8 and 11 want to go in on land for a cooperative permaculture, hugelculture, organic gardening/farming, natural building and off grid community. I’m a freelance digital illustrator and can work anywhere with a small solar power system (got one) and satellite internet. We can build a village of cob or strawbale or earthship homes, maybe a community center as a kitchen to start, then gradually branch off to have our own lots. Lets move to the most economically depressed areas we can find and make it work for us without the need for a walmart. Grow our own gardens, share knowledge and work. Prefer not to raise livestock for food cuz we like critters. daleziemianski@gmail.com[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/ad7e0d36a48160393232e10597655187.jpg youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Lets pool money to buy land in Ohio”

  1. dale

    Hi, Mike. Nice to meet a fellow vegan. The place we’re renting now is going to be occupied or put on the market by spring so we’ll likely find a $5000 or under house in the city and try to live off grid for as long as it takes to get it up and running, then try to sell it and use that money, and whatever money we save from not renting, to buy land, so we’re thinking of trying this maybe next spring. It’ll take time to recruit, get to know folks, find land, come up with an agreeable system of ‘coming to an agreement’, all that stuff. The more people we have the more land we can buy and divvy up.

    One of the good things about intentional communities is you get to pick your neighbors. I lived next to a guy once who decided to raise hogs. He cut down all his trees exposing a really expensive secluded cabin at the other edge of his property, dropping that property value I’m sure to half its worth. Scary! Especially since I was down wind of them. Fortunately I was renting and could just up and move out. If we have a larger piece of land filled with self sufficient, permacultural, off-grid-loving vegetarians/vegans we can focus our energies on individual gardens as well as community gardens and share knowledge and manpower to create an efficient self sustaining community… and no hog farms.

  2. Michael Oehmen

    Interesting……I have been a vegan for about 10 years now and have just come to a crossroads in my life.

    Now I am working to get a lot of land and live more archaicly but amd finding the only way to get decent land you can actually live on is buying large amounts of acres for cheap.

    You can count me in….however I probably won’t have a decent amount saved for like 4-5 months……I have just lost basically everything and am basically starting from scratch.

    Nothing criminal or anything…….I think it was just my time.

  3. Meg

    Hello! We are also in Ohio, looking to do about the same thing. Not really sure where to start but it is definitely our dream!! We would like to find a community where everyone can come together and help each other out. Anyone with the same outlook, please feel free to email me: mbarkacs@yahoo.com

  4. dale

    Hey folks
    Thanks for your Comments on our post.

    Hey Greg – been to Blue Rock Station and they’re awesome people.

    Johnny and Michael…

    Right now we’re just at the stage where we’re talking to people and seeing if we can find folks with the same interests who would be compatible in a Community setting. We’ve done some research and found it’s really important that members share certain principles. For instance, we’re mostly searching for vegan or vegetarian folks so we don’t have to deal with having animals slaughtered or hunted on the land. We don’t have a problem with raising chickens for eggs or goats for milk or alpacas for their fibers, especially since their waste is a valuable composting material. Eating animals (aside from being cruel) is an unnecessary waste of food, as it takes about 50+lbs of plant protein to make a single pound of meat protein, and it concentrates any toxins, which you ingest with the meat. We’re really interested in as ‘zero waste’ a community as possible and find veganism and vegetarianism much more practical.

    We don’t have land yet, don’t even have a place in mind. But hoping to meet enough like-minded people to pool funds together and see what we can come up with. We’re restricted to Ohio for now, and we’re mostly interested in folks who’d like to stay here. We’ve explored other communities and have a basic concept of how they work.

    We enjoy opening dialogue with any like-minded folks, here or by email. I feel that conversations here will help clarify things for any wanderers who might drop in and keep things wide open for discussion among a wider range of people.

    Please feel free to expand on your comments (here or by email) and looking forward to chatting with you all.

  5. michael

    im a fomer soldier is trying to get away. ive seen too much evil in this world and am looking to get involved in one of these projects. plenty of experience and know how to bring to the table. plus about 15k i can use as a strart up.

  6. johnny

    Thinking about living off grid would like to hook up with a community over my vacation get feet wet. get back to me when you can.

  7. Greg

    Have you heard of Blue Rock Station? They might be helpfull

  8. Vanessa

    Hi, I’m interested in your idea. We live in Ohio too, Youngstown area. I have my own posting on this site as well about my idea if you want to check it out, its about 3 pages back. Ohio land is actually a lot cheaper than most other states I have researched. It’s very possible to do. If you want to talk more, please get a hold of me. Thanks!