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Stare into a crystal ball and the future doesn’t look too rosy. We have a stunningly beautiful planet full of natural resources that should be able to sustain all the Earth’s creatures, including us human beings. But humans never really had a plan to manage our planet, we simply grab what we can and push others aside to acquire more than our share of Earth’s resources. The human population has overwhelmed the Earth’s ability to renew itself naturally. As individuals, we can often choose to what extent we engage with this “rat race”, but sometimes there seems to be no choice, no other options, no other path to follow. There is no obvious plan for a “better world” so many humans just keep grabbing and give little consideration to the inevitable outcomes. They dont see any alternatives open to them.

But there are options to follow an alternative path, and many more people worldwide are discovering these other choices. If you have wealth in financial terms, you can buy a chunk of Earth and live your dream individually. Or you can join with others to create a opportunity that takes you down that better path and creates a lifestyle with less damaging impact on the planet, an affordable alternative that aims to give back to the planet rather than just keep grabbing, a plan for a sustainable future. And there are lots of brave groups of individuals building alternatives, including those of us behind this initiative. Its our plan to demonstrate a better way to manage earth’s resources : it is called THE PLOTGATE VENTURE. Its not definitive, its not the only option, its not an easy choice, it won’t suit everyone………. but its our plan.

” Plotgate aims to provide rural homes and livelihoods which are sustainable, affordable, and diminish motor transport through car-sharing and other means” ……thats our mission statement, and this info file aims to outline our vision to you so you can decide if Plotgate might be an option for your future.

The Land

The land has been bought at auction, through the disposal of a county farm, a block of approx 24 acres of flat pasture, with established boundary hedging, in rural Somerset. There are no existing buildings on site , but it is on the edge of a village with buildings either side. We are currently preparing an outline planning application.

The Plan

The aim is to divide the biggest field, 16 acres approx, into 2 smallholdings, and on 2 acres of the smaller field to place 8 self build low-impact live/work dwellings, giving these residents access to the remaining 6 acres of this smaller field to persue land-based activities There will be strict criteria that residents will be required to adhere to, ensuring that the project as a whole is sustainable and has minimal impact on the environment. There will be a low-impact communal building with a multitude of shared facilities, including all amenities that residents require but are easily shared, thus eliminating the need for duplication across the site. All services will be provided off-grid, both in individual dwellings and communally, using a range of renewable energy devices, with energy demand being minimised to enable the whole Plotgate Venture to be self sufficient with no reliance on mains services. The existing mains water connection will be kept but steps taken to supply water demands from on-site facilities.

Live/ Work plots will be individually owned by residents, purchased on long term leases from an Industrial and Provident Society, which will lease the land from the Community Land Trust which owns it. There will be a committee of residents who will manage the Venture for the benefit of all residents, to maintain the stated aims and objectives, ensure the criteria are adhered to, and to find new ways to make the Plotgate Venture a leading example of a viable alternative eco-community that manages the land sustainably.
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11 Responses to “Plotgate”

  1. N j

    Is this still active does anyone have any information about places like this that are up and running me my husband and my children are looking to go off grid ASAP hard working can build cook craft creative also interest in herbs gardening making natural medicines and tinctures excersize off grid living and easy home construction I have a easy low budget idea for housing if we can get the right tools and ppl with the skills and mindset we could all do this!!

  2. Rebecca

    Is this still existing? The website doesn’t. I would be interested if it was!

  3. Nicholas


    I loved reading the above plan and story but it appears it was posted many years ago, is this something that is still active? Or going on, I would be hugely interested in visiting seeing what your about, and looking to see what I could offer to you,

    Thank you for your time in reading



  4. jenc83

    yes pls..07470884342..ring me pls..i think you will be pleasantly suprised…jen,x

  5. Jon Preece

    Oooh it’s been ages but I’m keen to join you. I’m North East England.

    To anyone else looking, let’s crowd fund some land and get this started!?

    Please email me


  6. Will

    Hi my name’s will and I have experience in building and electrician work, I am sia licensed . I am also good with I.c.t And long range WiFi networks, security and surveillance experience. Hard worker and fed up with government and corporations. wtaylor19862@gmail.com

  7. Steve Wallace

    I’m certainly interested and I wonder how many responders you got – what is the situation currently please ?

  8. Paul MacDonald

    Would love to join you. I have hunting, medical and survival skills. I have all my survival gear ready, just need a buddy that needs me. I have experience in organic farming.

  9. alec

    where in Somerset and what you need people for to start off with, i may be able to venture over and help a bit.

  10. Sarah

    I have many of the same questions. I have cash to invest and NEED to make sure this will be safe for the long term. Ps I am guessing children are invited. ?? Babym71199@hushmail.com

  11. Naomi Anderson

    Hi, my husband and I are desperate to escape modern living, we just want to build an earthship and grow our own food etc. However we can’t get a loan unless we want to buy a house. Your plan sounds wonderful but I don’t know how this site works and am not sure where Somerset is situated. We live in Melbourne Australia and really wanted a beach escape, but now thinking we would consider moving to another planet if it meant being away from the rat race. My husband is an engineer that moved into teaching physics, maths and science, he can build, design and teach for a community. I am studying psychology but make professional cakes, crafts etc. I am limited in what I can commit due to multiple disabilities, but I can garden and grow, cook quality sellable goods and have some know-how with smaller like farm animals. We are hoping to find a community like project, but not sure how it all works.