Hey everyone!

I about to buy some land with housing and infrastructure for energy, gardening and water supply.

I’m trying to get a good group of like minded people with varying skills to happily live independently and free.

Send me a message if you’re interested.

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3 Responses to “Plot of land in Wales in Wales. Looking for people to start a community.”

  1. Vinnie locke

    Hi there.. Your idea of starting a commune sounds amazing! I have been thinking about going off grid for some time now just haven’t been able to find any communes looking for members! I am very strong when it comes too manual labour working years as a construction labourer then moving into being a fishmonger involved a lot of lifting.. I am very green fingered as I have my own allotment! I’m very friendly and so easy to get along with and will always help anyone if they need my help.. I hope to hear from you soon.. thank you

  2. JohnChippy

    Hi Aquemini.
    Your project sounds interesting. I’d need some more details.
    Myself, I’m a very young, fit, healthy 39 year old. Formwork carpenter. Also experience in other forms of carpentry and minor plumbing and larger drainage systems.
    I have a 400 sq m allotment in London. Vegetarian (almost vegan, just eggs, but would be happy to eat wild meat). Very capable in the kitchen. Amateur forager. Well travelled. Lived off grid for a year in Indonesia, though admittedly it was pretty luxurious and warm on the most part. Don’t watch TV, avid reader.
    Living and working in London at the moment. And finally, like Jacob (above or below) I’m also looking to buy a van in the next month.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Hi there Me my girlfriend, our son, dog and van are looking for a community land project in wales for us to live and work off. We are just about to buy our van at the end of this month and by the spring equinox we want to be on a project lie yours. I have experience in building, land maintenance and professional cooking, my partner is a full time mother at the moment as our boy is 4 months. I have worked at a handful of projects across Europe and together we have lived off grid in a community in Spain so we know what the lifestyle entails