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Brody - off-grid role model
Brody Macmillan is a 15-year-old who “worships Chris McCandless” and fled his family in B.C. to live off the grid.
Musician Brody, constantly talked about his longing to shed the material trappings of society and go off –grid, his mother told a local TV station. To her delight she nopw knows he is safe and has resurfaced on Canada’s East Coast

This web site has invited Brody to write a diary of his travels and post some of his music up on our YouTube channel.
“He always rebelled against social norms, even when he was a little kid,” said Mrs Roch Macmillan. Police issued a bulletin to find Brody MacMillan earlier this month, two months after he told friends and family he had become enamored with a “60’s type hippie lifestyle” and intended to hitch a ride on a semi-truck out of the province.
He fled the province without identification or a cell phone – even cash. But he did have his guitar.
Roch said she her son left town with a group of 20-somethings who were happy to play music and panhandle for money. But she contacted police in B.C.’s Interior after learning the group had come back to the West Coast without him.
Roch said her son idolizes Chris McCandless, the subject of the novel ‘Into the Wild’ who hiked into the Alaskan wilderness with scant food and equipment and died of starvation.
The search for the teen was called off after he reached out to his family this week from Halifax after seeing news about his disappearance on a social networking site.
“He’s got a 15-year-old brain and for those reasons he didn’t want to call home,” Roch said. “He was quite fearful that we were going to find out where he was and drag him home.”
Roch said she doesn’t know where her son is staying, but knows he’s been busking for money.
“He says he doesn’t make a lot, but he makes enough to eat,” she said.

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