[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am a hard working honest person 32 male Maltese (Malta)straight /separate,and I have been different places and it is so hard for me to fit in this modern society where the skills of surviving are gone and living on notes and coins .
I had everything I could get – cars, good paying jobs ,and I did whatever came to my head ,very easy going!
I would like to join a community to live off the grid ,I want to eat what I grow and be surrounded by nature ,lake,forest,river and abundant fruit trees and vegetables and why not animals!would be nice if the area of the land is big ,with people of the same interests instead of concrete jungles and fake smiles,I used to make furniture,I worked in cable reels,I know how to use a lot of tools ,I am computer litterate ,I worked in construction ,I lived in the bush for 6 months although I never lived off the land but life was great.I am looking for people that I can live off the grid with or growing communities in Europe .
It has to be a relaxed community not some snobs that retired in Rural areas!
Right now I am working hoping this would be my last Job in this Society of greedyness untolerant judgemental ,selfish people.

I am trying to save some money maybe I can buy land or plot where I can build a cabin /shelter from whatever nature surroundings provide me.

I love nature ,trees,and all creatures I can admire or consume .

Please contact me on ___


if you think you can suggest some places or advice!

any help Welcome.
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