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Have you ever thought there should be doctors for plants, as there are for animals and humans? And what about preventative medicine for plants? Well, next time you plant your tomato seeds make sure you call a plant healer. It’ll save you money on (organic) pesticides.


Healing involves the transmission of ‘positive thoughts’ from a ‘healer’ to anything that needs to be cured, from people to animals, or plants.

Geoff Boltwood, a full-time healer at a clinic in London, healed lettuce seeds as part of an experiment led by parapsychologist Dr Serena Roney-Dougal. The results showed that the plants had been ‘enhanced’ by Boltwood as seeds were healthier and less affected by fungal infections than those he hadn’t healed.

Dr Roney-Dougal has been experimenting with various healing methods on different kind of seeds for years, in the hope of finding ways to help organic farmers getting better yields.

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