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Right now i’m in a situation that won’t allow me to move yet, but next year or the year after- whenever i’m/ we’re ready for it, i’d like some people to help make an off grid community.  Like a giant slab of land, with running water and forestry enough to build everyone their own housing either in a field, or forest or trees, but to be together enough to support each other. Separately together.  And i need people for certain positions to help grow each other.

I’m not talking paid positions, i’m talking supported positions. I want to create a community not founded on money. There will be money involved but i don’t want to treat it as the only form of (re-)payment, like the rest of the world. Trades, favors, work trades, food, objects- something for something that’s worth it.

An environment that supports each other. Like a giant family. It would be like a campground or a little town, everyone helps someone else, helps each other grow not just live.

people like:

Someone who knows health- Herbs, natural resources to help with health issues from balancing the body to mere scratches.

A carpenter – to direct, fix and build housings for the community

Animal keeper – gotto have animals to help churn the land for food, pest control, safety and comfort.

A cook- cause who doesnt eat?

Assistants – cause no one should do all the heavy lifting by themselves.

Tailor / seamstress – clothes man. .


Would you fit in?  I don’t know. Spiritually speaking, i believe that natural things do help, reiki, stones, herbs- but i’m not pagan. How everyone else will feel about that is a different story since there is no community yet.

I haven’t found a place to go yet either. so it’s all in the basic works. and far away. i have to get out of debt first.
The region i want to choose has mostly spring/summer/fall with a few months of winter. A large acreage half forest, half field with a lake and running water would be ideal for sources of earth. The forest should be higher than the lake and there should be enough flatland to make a building in the field, and dwellings in the forest. There can be dome houses, greenhouses, tree houses, mud houses, regular houses, hobbit homes and at least one giant building for events- in the field. That building has already been thought out- predesigned but not professionally drafted.. None of this means there will be no internet- but as a kid raised online like my self- there isnt going to be any kids or humans glued to the screens as a form of life.

I havent even introduced myself yet.. sorry..
I am- Jsonte.. That’s my online name, i never feel comfortable telling my real name. But anyways, i have always been fueled by the thought of this “campground” having it seeing it being involved. I have never cared about money, it is the least of my problems and the source of most of my stress. I didn’t know how to deal with it before i got into debt and now i’m stuck with this boulder on mah shoulder, all i want to do is get rid of it and live outside of the society thats too busy to do anything and only cares for themselves. I aint no hippi, but i mighta been if i was born in the right era. Pot- i dont care.. it’s a plant, just don’t hurt yourself..
I want to make sure that this campground never turns into a cult, but flourishes so it can provide a safe haven for people who cant’ or don’t know how to deal with the society they’re taught they HAVE to live in. This is a human refuge.
Like the Colorado “Mission Wolfe” concept, instead of taking in wolves that have been adopted at a young age and then shunned for what they are at an older age- i want to take in people of all ages from society, teach them that they aren’t slaves to money, show them there’s a different way to support themselves that doesn’t entrap them in 30+ years of debt to society, and give them a reason to go back out there stronger than what they were before and teach the people around them what they’ve learned. If i can pinpoint them in a direction to go that will make their personal talents become their strength in their life and work- i will. I’ll find someone to help them with it. I’ll find someone who can help them grow and be confident in it. Thats my dream anyway. .

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17 Responses to “Planning to go off grid 2019-2020 – need ppls”

  1. Jsonte

    So, here’s the new link in case anyone’s still interested, updated every other weeks or so.

  2. Dgirlygirl

    I would be interested in this as well! I’m very crafty and I know a lot about natural building, permaculture, and off grid living…although I live in the city so I haven’t had much of a chance to get hands on experience.

  3. Artificer

    I am looking at 74.73 ha land with a waterfall in Tasmania the price is $200,000 but I need to get a loan so I want to share it to get help paying off the loan once it is paid off the land will be free to the ones helped me pay the loan off

  4. Tim

    Hi I have been looking for just what your saying. I would love you be part of a community off the grid. I have been researching for the best locations inside the usa. I have come across several sustainable building ideas and plans and tried out several of the cheapest options to see which is best for this type of living. Oh I am 50 and I have worked at almost every job I can think of from janitorial, construction, truck driver, telecommunications and even automotive teaching. I have 4 kids youngest is now 16. I have been a single dad for 16 years now. There mom left us just 3 months after the youngest was born. So within the next 2 years I will be looking for what I think you’re talking about.

  5. Jsonte

    so if it’ll let me.. idk if it will.. https://lyna4d.wixsite.com/trialanderror

  6. Jsonte

    Uh.. hi.. i want to clarify exactly what i’m trying to build and the realistic view of it. How long will it take to set it up, how much will it cost, who’s involved and how we can get along. So i’ve made this site to try and give structure to all of that information. i got it up Dec 3rd, so it’s very primitive but i cant fill it without more information and questions. So.. if you’ll bear with me.. lets give it a shot.

  7. Sabrina7

    Hi I’m interested I am 29 year old female

  8. Roscoebeck74

    Hey please get ahold of me to talk a little more about this. Not really sure how this site works yet but my email is roscoebeck74@gmail..com

  9. Roscoe

    Hey I’d love to talk a little more about this idea

  10. Katelyn

    Hi, I saw an ad you posted looking for people to come to your eco village! (: I am turning 19 in February, and desperately feel the urge to get away. I had a spiritual awakening 2 years ago. I am vegan, and my religion is love. I do have a thing with my foot where I can’t stand very long, but I promise my vibes make up for it. ^.^ much love. I too speak to my spirit guides, angels, own many crystals, and am learning how to do oracle readings right now!

  11. Golden

    Email me. Most def interested!! I say living near the tropic of cancer is best we’d have an abundance of foods year round.

  12. James McMinn-Loughlin

    Forgot to subscribe – sorry!

  13. Shay Loughlin

    Sounds great! Having spent my early years growing up on farm perhaps my current skills (IT) , age(59) may be prohibiting factors for your proposed group. As I have already made the decision, I would be happy to join a self sustaining co-operative in 2019. Failing that I have plans to find a small patch of land(Portugal atm) and kinda re-learn by doing(I have done considerable research tho’) as I am reasonably fit and not afraid of some hard graft.

  14. Paul

    I totally agree with you and your idea’s for being a community and working with each other for the common cause. And mostly FREEING ourselves from this construct of being a debt slave to money and the Banks who rob us us on a ever increasing daily basis. I know after being there in the so called crash of 2008/9 when the banks foreclosed on me and stole my home. Since then I have become the way you are with the same mindset of freedom from the cartels that govern the banks and governments of the world.