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Highlighting energy saving?
Highlighting energy saving?

The tornado-ravaged community of Greensburg will be featured on the launch of Planet Green TV this week. The town was given an eco-rebuild as part of a 13-part documentary series produced by Leonardo di Caprio.

The reality series “Eco-Town” chronicles the rebuild after a tornado flattened Greensburg — which is pretty well in the dead centre of the USA. By all accounts it is pretty tame stuff – Tragedy to Triumph….Greensburg Rising..etc….schmaltzy reprise of the tornado raging at 205 mph, spanning more than a mile and a half and killing 11 people…..happy folk celebrate the rise of the new roof….but of course the town ahs bveeb built with all sorts of energy saving features and that’s a good thing.

Residents won’t be able to view the series, since the city doesn’t have a cable service. The show premieres on Sunday at 8 p.m.

Di Caprio has had film crews in town since July 2007, following residents as they move from temporary trailers to new homes, covering city council meetings and shadowing families as they make the difficult decisions.

The story is told through the voices of the townspeople themselves.

The whole town will go to the Greensburg school gymnasium on Sunday for a Father’s Day barbecue and screening of the first episode.

Information from: The Wichita Eagle, www.kansas.com

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